Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bad Blogger!

I apologise for my MIA status.  I've been in a little bit of a funk, as well as busy with school.  It's not like I'm studying medicine or anything, but still, I'm used to doing absolutely nothing!  So devoting two (soon to be three) days for school is quite a challenge for me.

Speaking of school, Wednesday's class is cert III makeup!  How awesome that my first subject happens to be makeup.  I rarely wear makeup (because I hardly ever go out) but going to Wednesday's class always reignites my passion for it.  On Tuesday I worked for a few hours and applied all the new techniques I had learnt in class and was really pleased with my makeup, which lasted all day!

I really want to do a few videos on some of the things I've learnt, but since started school my skin has broken out in eczema patches again.  I've been avoiding filming, but in my last few YouTube videos you can kinda see the eczema on my face.  *sigh*  It must be the weather!

Anyway, this is just a little post to let you know what's been going on. Hopefully I'll get back to regular blogging again, as I have so many products I want to review and tutorials to make.  So thanks for the love, and in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, I'll be back!  xoxo

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Emjoi PediSmooth Review

If you want super smooth feet, there's only 2 things that you need to do.  The first step is to exfoliate, and the second step is to moisturise.  It sounds simple, doesn't it?  But if it's that simple, then why do we see so many men and women with dry, cracked heels?  It should be an anomaly, not a frequent occurrence!  Sadly, I see it all the time.  Even at weddings!  *shudders*

The Emjoi PediSmooth fitted with the coarse skin/maintenance roller.

The Emjoi PediSmooth (rrp $29.95 AUD) has finally been launched into the Australian market, and it is designed to make the first step (exfoliation) simple. Typically, to exfoliate the sole of the foot, one would hop in the shower or sink their feet into a foot spa and scrub away with a pumice.  But sometimes we come across situations that don't allow time for that...

The Emjoi PediSmooth takes away the need to have to wet the feet at all.  All you do is select which roller strength you need (either white for extra coarse skin, or pink for coarse skin or maintenance).  You then just turn the battery operated device on with a simple push of a button and it will start spinning 360 degrees, 30 times per second.  You lightly pass this over the dry skin on your heels for no more than 3 seconds at a time and that's pretty much it!  Ta-da, smooth heels!

The extras that come with the Emjoi PediSmooth - 2 extra coarse rollers, 1 coarse roller, a storage pouch and a cleaning brush.

It sounds scary, but it's really not.  It doesn't hurt at all!  It's safer and more effective than metal scrapers (or so I'm told) and it does the job very well. The dry skin is gently buffed away.  My only gripe with it is that while it's very convenient, it gets a little messy.  So you could take it with you and discreetly fix up your dry heels in the office, but be prepared to sweep away the... er... leftovers.  And you will need to moisturise your feet straight afterwards, to keep it from further drying out.

As far as beautiful feet go, the Emjoi PediSmooth will certainly help you achieve them.  But more importantly, it will help you maintain them!  In my next post I'll have a detailed foot care tutorial that features this product, along with a few other products that will make sure your feet are no longer a source of embarrassment, and how to keep them soft and smooth all year round. Watch out for it!

For more information on the Emjoi PediSmooth, please visit their website:  You will find it under "products".

*Please note: product was sent for consideration.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

If I Owned These Things I'd Be Happy, But Only For 5 Minutes...

I have my foot care tutorial ready to be published, but I needed to get something off my chest and tonight I've decided to write a little heart to heart post.  So the foot post can wait.  Seeing as I'm only posting once a week, it'll come next week.

This week something happened that kind of threw me off.  Every since I got wind of something a couple of days ago, I haven't been as "happy" as I usually am.  I'm stressed and my skin is breaking out in eczema patches again.  I'm not going to divulge, but this "news" has affected me in a major way, and also means a different way of life.

I'm pretty sure that when I stress over something, I don't deal with it as most people do.  Unless it's normal to overeat, or not eat at all.  Or stay in bed all day, staring at the ceiling.  Or even skip showering because I just can't muster the energy.  For anyone who's ever been depressed, all those things will sound familiar. This "news" has thrown me back into the depths of depression, just when I had one foot out the door.

Meh.  Such is life.

Anyway, this is how I deal with my depression: compile a wish list!  Here is what I've spent much of my waking hours obsessing over.  Why deal with the real world when I can forget all my troubles by thinking up ways on procuring unnecessary, expensive things?  Here's my "If I owned these things I'd be happy, but only for 5 minutes" wish list.

I saw this modeled on a dummy in the Chadstone Burberry store.  WANT.  It looks hot, and it's a timeless piece.  Sure, I already own one (it was an amazing birthday gift a few years ago), but it's long and dark.  I want a shorter, lighter one!

Have you ever slipped your foot into a Salvatore Ferragamo shoe?  If you want to remain oblivious to how amazingly comfy they are, then DON'T try it!  Once you pop (your foot in one), you can't stop (thinking about adding it to your personal shoe collection).

Again here's another classic, timeless piece.  Jimmy Choo's Rosalie handbags come in an assortment of colours and materials, but my favourite is the smaller sized Rosalie in "mock croc".  Pictured is the nude, but it also comes in black and fuchsia.  And boy, is the fuchsia HOT!  Perfect way to add a pop of colour to an otherwise drab winter outfit.

A few other things I am adding to this wish list but won't be pictured (because I'm lazy): Chanel lipsticks and foundations, YSL lipsticks, a flip top glamour makeup box, a boob job (in cup size D, preferably!) and my own luxury car (public transport on rainy days are totally not fun)!

So, are you rich?  Do you have a few thousand dollars just lying around, waiting to be spent on frivolous, materialistic crap?  If so, well I wish I were you!  I know money can't buy you happiness, but it can bring you a few moments of joy.  That may be all one needs to keep on truckin'... 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

KORA Organics Rejuvenating Foot Balm

Foot creams are essential after my daily shower or before bedtime, because it keeps my feet soft and smooth.  I have used many a foot cream in my lifetime (I'm no spring chicken!) but I have never encountered one so deliciously scented that I want to lick my own foot after applying it.  Today's product review is one of my all time favourite products in the KORA Organics skincare range.

The Rejuvenating Foot Balm (90ml - $34.95 AUD) is encased in the typical KORA Organics "almost Tiffany blue" simple, matte packaging.  The foot balm smells absolutely amazing - exactly like candy canes at christmas time!  Soft and sweet, with a touch of peppermint... yum!  That alone is a win for me. However, there are many other great features of this foot cream.  The first one being that it's over 99% natural and that over 62% of the total ingredients are sourced from organic farming.  It has been certified organic according to the ECOCERT standard.

The "blurb" and instructions on how to use the foot balm
This foot balm says that it "soothes and cools" aching or tired feet.  In all honesty, I don't know if it lives up to the claim or not as I use this every day and my feet are never "achy" or "tired".  However, I do notice that after wearing heels for a few hours I'll come home and use this after a shower, and it does feel quite cooling.  I imagine it would be quite soothing for feet that were actually aching!

List of ingredients
The "balm" itself isn't really a balm.  It's nothing like those petroleum based foot creams where it's thick, clear, oily and greasy to the touch.  I use a small blob (about the size of my fingernail) and it's more than enough to coat my entire foot and ankles.  It's very easy to rub in, quite quick to be absorbed, and light.  It's not greasy at all.  I always pop cotton socks on after applying this, though. So maybe it is greasy and I just don't know it?!  Ha, doubt it though, because on the occasions that I've taken my socks off less than an hour after application, my feet feel soft and smooth and not sticky at all.

A unique, cute little thing to note about KORA Organics products is that each product in the line is stamped with a word that is aimed to inspire you to live a better life.  The foot balm has the word "trust" on it.

This foot cream (or balm) is the one I have enjoyed using the most, out of all the other foot creams I've used.  It's moisturising but light, smells AMAZING and is 99% natural.  The Rejuvenating Foot Balm retails for $34.95 AUD for 90ml.  The entire KORA Organics range can be found in David Jones stores, some Terry White Chemists and from their online store.

Keep your eyes peeled, because I'm going to be posting a tutorial on how to keep your feet soft and baby smooth all year round, very very soon.  If your feet are dry and cracked, this is a post you don't want to miss!