Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why You Shouldn't Procrastinate

Ok, so of course this had to happen... I meet Miranda Kerr on Saturday and can't wait to blog about it.  I've already picked out the photos I want to use.  I come home late, feel tired after all the shopping I did and decide not to post that night.

On Sunday I go out to do even MORE shopping (honestly, how much does one need to shop before finally getting bored of it? A lot, apparently)!  Get home late, decide I'm too tired to write a post and fall asleep early, thinking I'll have all day on Monday to work on it.

Nope.  Monday comes by and all day long I'm dealing with a very cranky 3yr  old who refuses to do a poo.  He's in such bad shape he can barely walk.  I spend all day comforting him and trying to coax him to just let his poo out.  It doesn't happen until just before dinnertime.  He's happy to play, but  now I've gotta make dinner, clean up, have a shower then get the kids ready for bed.  I decide that once they're in bed I'll work on my post.

Of course, once we're all in bed, I'm feeling very tired and decide to relax by watching a movie on TV.  And, yes, I end up falling asleep even though I had planned to write my post after the movie.

Today: Tuesday morning.  Feeling very motivated to finally work on my post.  Laptop gets switched on.  FireFox loading.  Type in And there we have it.  A suspension notice from my internet service provider.  Apparently, the bill hasn't been paid for two months now... (I just always put the bills aside with the intention to pay it... later!)

So there we have it.  The reason why you shouldn't procrastinate.  It's a lot like masturbating, in the end you're only fucking yourself.*

(*Quote I found on the internet)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miranda Kerr Talks About KORA Organics

I wanted to do a whole post tonight on my day in the city to attend the Miranda Kerr book signing, but sadly I'm absolutely knackered from shopping.  So here is a video of Miranda talking about her skincare line and book.  I actually got to speak to her, we had a conversation about breastfeeding!  She is such a sweet girl and her products are great.  I will post about it later, for now enjoy the video... PS- Sorry for the shaky camera and background noise!


Here is the link to the video (it's on my personal youtube channel):

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Favourite Body Shop Moisturiser

I have tried many, many body moisturisers in my lifetime, but one that I always go back to since I discovered it many years ago is The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter.  It is such a pleasure to slather all over my body.  I don't think I get as much joy from any other moisturiser as I do from this one.

What makes it so great?  Well, if you're a fan of coconutty scents like me, you will love how soft and sweet this smells.  It has a mix of nutty (kind of like hazelnut?) and cocoa aromas.  So gorgeous!  It's not as strong as other scents that The Body Shop offer, so if you want something light yet sweet smelling (but not sickly sweet), then this is for you.

It is designed for dry skin, but I believe that it's suited for most skin types.  While it's very moisturising, it does not feel heavy or greasy at all (unless you go overboard!)  It melts onto your skin and is so easy to rub in.  I have tried other body butters by The Body Shop and this one is the only one that has such a soft consistency.

While some moisturisers are suited only to certain seasons, the Brazil Nut Body Butter suits both the hotter seasons and the cooler seasons, as it's very moisturising (good for winter) but light enough to wear in summer.  I'm always on the hunt for a good moisturiser that will get rid of my KP (keratosis pilaris- post soon?), which is why I always switch it up, but like I mentioned earlier, I always come back to this one.  While it doesn't get rid of KP, I do notice that it reduces it a fraction and leaves my skin so soft and smelling sweet.  Remind me to go to The Body Shop this weekend, as I'm running a little low!

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter 200g - $27.95 AUD
You can find this product at The Body Shop stores all over Australia or at their online store. I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flattering Tops for Spring

Spring is nearly here, and I have found the perfect tops to flaunt around in!  If you are anything like me, then you like to hide your baby beer belly from the world and pretend you have washboard abs. If you think I have a flat tummy, well, no.  I don't.  It's all a lie.  The tops I chose hide my flab very well.  I've had two kids, so I can promise you that I do not have a supermodel body (but oh, how I wish!)

All the tops are from Guess.  I purchased them last Monday, so most of the items should still be available, although the one pictured left was a sale item so there may be none left.  I picked them out after trying them on and seeing how they flattered my body.  On the rack, they don't look great.  In fact, they look like an ugly mass of material.  But once draped on the body, you can see the style and they are also great for the warmer seasons as they are light, airy and cute!  Can you guess what my favourite colour is?!

Approx $70 or $80 (I forgot!)

Approx $80

On sale for just $35 AUD
All these tops would would go well with denim shorts (as pictured), jeans (either light wash or dark wash, skinny legs, bootleg, whatever!) and even a cute denim skirt (the shorter, the better).  Wedges would pull the look together and truly make it a spring time outfit.  Guess have a lot of cute tops out right now, all perfect for spring/summer.  I wish I could rob a Guess store!  They are one of my all time favourite brands.

I also bought a plain black dress which was on sale.  It's nothing special, just a cute LBD.  I have so many LBDs already but none with a strap like this one (which can be worn either over the back or over the chest):
On sale for $120 AUD
So, yeah... Guess what I'll be wearing this spring?!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Perfect Eye Cream?

For the past two weeks I've been using an oil (Trilogy rose hip oil) as a replacement to my usual eye cream (KORA recovery eye gel cream).  The reason for this is that I'm sick of using thin, gel like products that claim to de-puff, moisturise and have anti-aging properties.  I have used a lot of different types of eye cream (both high end and inexpensive brands), and none of them I have been satisfied with simply because they don't feel like they are moisturising at all.

Enter the Trilogy rose hip oil.  Rose hip oil is a natural  product that contains a unique combination of essential fatty acids that are beneficial to skin.  It also contains vitamin A, lycopene, beta-carotene and vitamin C.  It can reduce wrinkles and scarring, and moisturises like no other moisturiser could.  I decided to apply it to my under-eye for the anti-aging properties of the lycopene and beta-carotene, as well as its moisturising properties.  I applied twice daily for two weeks.

My thoughts?  My search for the perfect eye cream is now over.  I am 100% satisfied with how it felt.  This is definitely what I have been looking for: the ultimate moisturising eye cream.  I use one tiny little drop (could be classed as half a drop, really) and pat it onto my ring fingers, then pat it under my eyes as well as on my lids- basically all around my eye area!  It hasn't posed a problem under make-up, and you can even use it as an all over face moisturiser if you are so inclined to (which I have done, especially for night time!)

There are many organic rose hip oils on the market, Trilogy just happened to be the one I picked up as I saw it while browsing Myer and decided to add to my Myerone points.  It retails for $21 AUD for a 20ml bottle.  I have been using it consistently as an eye cream, often as a face cream (4 drops patted all over my face, neck and decolletage) and occasionally as a hand cream (before bed time, 3 drops rubbed into hands).  You can also purchase it online at the Trilogy website or find it at Priceline (club card points, anyone?!)  I highly recommend it, but if you want to use it as an under-eye cream as I have, be careful as some people are sensitive to oils (watch out for milia)!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Beauty Blog List

I've just joined a blog list, where you can jump from one beauty blog to another because all the blogs should have the same list on their site.  Have a browse and enjoy yourself!  And if you're interested, link up your beauty blog so others can find you.

Addicted 2 Lip Balm Order

In a previous post, I wrote about discovering a new website that I was extremely excited about:  I am the kind of person that cannot leave the house without lip balm.  I have them scattered everywhere all over the house and about two or three in my handbag at any given time.  If I find myself in a situation where I don't have any on me, I will make it a priority to get to the nearest store to buy myself one.

Yes.  I need  lip balm!  I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with them, because to me they're just a normal part of my life, such as breathing.  It's just a given that I'll use it.  I've been using them since I was a child, when my mum took me to a doctor for my excessively dry lips (I think I actually had some kind of viral infection that required medicated lip balm, but I can't remember).  I used to just apply Vaseline on my lips to keep it moist, but it wasn't until I started high school that I began to use flavoured lip balm.  Remember Bonne Bell?!  I had a tin full of them, my collection was quite impressive!

My experience with the addicted2lipbalm website has been positive so far.  It's very easy to navigate and has a huge assortment of glosses, balms, scrubs and all lip things.  They offer free shipping in Australia for orders over $50 and they also have a loyalty reward program.  If it's your first purchase, you're also entitled to 10% off!  I love free shipping, I love loyalty programs, I love saving and most importantly, I love lip balms!  So the moment I first laid eyes on their website, I knew I was going to order a bunch of products.

The most exciting thing about addicted2lipbalm is that they stock brands that you wouldn't be able to find at your local chemist or Woolies.  I have seen good reviews on the EOS smooth sphere lip balms and always wanted to try them, but didn't really know where I could find them.  Problem solved... I've found them!  In true lip balm fanatic style, I ordered the 6 pack containing all the flavours.  I cannot wait to try them out!

Here's a screenshot of part of my order receipt:

I had a really hard time picking only a few to try out.  I'm into anything fruity or coconutty, and it has to be natural and organic.  I don't like to use petroleum on my lips (it's basically the excess of crude oil, eww).  I did order one product that wasn't listed under the organic range, and that was the limited edition lip scrub by Sara Happ.  Hello!  It's pink and it's limited edition.  Therefore I have to have it!  I don't mind that it's not organic as it gets washed off in an instant anyway.

I am really looking forward  to receiving my order.  As soon as it arrives, I will post my haul and review some of the products.  Watch out for it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide

Before I became "green", I was heavily into this one product that helped me protect my hair while styling.  I still use it occasionally as I think it's a great product, but I do prefer to use natural products as much as I can.

The Redken Smooth Down heat glide is a protective smoother for very dry/unruly hair.  This is the excerpt on their website: Protective smoother is a leave-in serum that provides heat-safe control to tame frizz on even the most unruly hair. Gives an ultra-smooth, glossy finish. WHY IT WORKS: An ionic charge in the hair result in frizz and fly-aways. The ionic Smoothing Complex contains cationic refiners that attract to and neutralise the existing anionic charges on the hair, smoothing the surface. It helps control and prevent frizz so unruly hair is smoothed down, and manageability and shine are turned up.

I have been using this product since 2007 and have only bought one other product to try out for a change (review coming!), but I went straight back to the Redken Smooth Down heat glide as I much prefer it.  I pump two, sometimes three, full pumps onto my palm, rub it between my hands then apply it to the mid-length and ends of my towel dried hair.  You can use it on dry hair too.  If I'm going to blow dry and straighten my hair, I'll apply it to damp hair and if I want extra sleekness and shine, I'll apply two pumps to my dry hair before I straighten it, and one pump afterwards.  A little goes a long way, and using too much can weigh your hair down and make it look greasy.

It does what it says it does: makes your hair smooth, gets rid of frizz, protects your hair and also makes straightening your hair so much easier.  When I don't use it, I find my hair isn't as shiny, and it tends to snag while I'm pulling the iron down my hair.  But when I apply it before straightening, it smooths out my hair even before I've applied heat!  It makes it so much easier to pull the iron down my hair, and the result looks a lot smoother and shinier.

It has a really pleasant scent, I can't quite put my finger on it, but it smells very fresh and a little bit fruity (in a "product" way, which makes absolutely no sense but that's the only way I can describe it).  It lasts for a very long time, well over a year, even with regular use (on average, I used it twice a week).  It's around $26 AUD and you can find it at salons and stores such as Hairhouse Warehouse.  If I hadn't discovered coconut oil (review coming!) then the Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide would be my holy grail protector/smoother for my frizz prone, dry hair.  If you are on the hunt for a good hair product that will protect, add shine and make your hair a heck of a lot smoother, definitely give Redken a try.  It really works!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter... Yes Please!

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that my laptop died on me halfway through writing a blog post, which was going to be a small haul.  I didn't want to complete it through my blogging app on my phone because I can only upload one photo per post (I know, so dumb) so I've decided to write about a great product I've been loving.  So, here it is... Please excuse the messy formatting of this post!

I discovered the YES TO CARROTS C Me Smile lip butter in Priceline awhile ago and was all over it because it's natural and 95% organic.  It comes in 5 flavours: mint, melon, citrus, carrot and berry.  I've tried the melon and the berry flavours, and both are pleasant smelling and feel good on the lips.  I can't stand the waxy feeling lip balms, such as their range containing SPF.  This one is much softer and "melts" on your lips as you apply it, which I believe is due to the coconut oil it contains.

These 4.25g/0.15oz lip butters are a little more expensive than my usual lip product (Nivea essential care) but not by much.  I believe they cost $6.  Totally worth it!  I've tried other organic lip products that I've had to order online and they were pretty much identical, except I had to pay an additional postage fee.  So being able to grab them from my local Priceline is awesome, plus I'll accumulate points on my clubcard.  Score!

*Edit: you can also find them from an aussie website which I just recently discovered.  LOVE!  Plus they have free shipping for orders over $50.  Yippee!  Lip balm haul coming soon :-)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

NARS Sweet Disposition FOTD

I was true to my word, and tried out a look using just the NARS Sweet Disposition Mini Multiple set.  The Multiple can be used as either a blush, an eyeshadow, a lip colour or a highlighter.  As a blush, it's excellent!  Great staying power and easy to apply and blend.  As a highlighter, again, easy to apply and blend.  On my lips, it was a good enough alternative to lipstick, but quite drying and quick to fade.  And as an eyeshadow, terrible!  Looks pretty but creases like crazy.

Here are some photos I took of the look I created (before applying eyeliner and mascara).

And here are some shots after I had applied eyeliner and mascara.  It really helped pull the look together.

To create the look, I started with my usual base: Smashbox Photofinish Light, NARS Sheer Glow (Barcelona), M.A.C. Studio Finish concealer for blemishes (NC35) & M.A.C. Studio Sculpt concealer for under eyes (NC30).  I used a wet sponge to apply both the foundation and concealer, so my coverage was quite light.

For the eyes: after priming with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I applied Luxor to my lids and brow bone with a M.A.C. 239, then applied Malibu with a M.A.C. 217 in circular motions to my crease.  I noticed that the Luxor was starting to crease even before I had finished with my eyes.  Not a good sign!

Cheeks: I contoured along my cheek bone with Malibu (using my fingers to pat, then blend out) and then dabbed Orgasm on the apples of my cheeks, up to the temples (blending out with my fingers).

Lips: using a generic lip brush, I applied Malibu onto my lips.  I had to put some clear lip gloss over the top to make it feel more comfortable, as it was quite drying (but not as bad as some lipsticks!)

Lastly, I dabbed some Luxor along the top of my cheeks up to the temples to highlight.

As you can see, the look is quite a neutral look.  The colours came out really sheer on my skin, and even when I reapplied to try to add more colour, it just wouldn't darken.  So if you tend to use a heavy hand, these products are good as you'll never really go overboard with it.  I wore this look all night long, and it lasted all night except for the eyeshadow which kept creasing.  But nothing a little patting with my ring finger couldn't fix.

Personally, I would use these products again for everything except the eyes.  Together, they created a neutral, pretty look that I would definitely wear again, especially during the daytime.  The Multiple is great for your whole face, but stick to regular eyeshadow if you don't want to keep patting your eyelids throughout the day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Head Over Heels in Love

I am in love.  I have never wanted so bad before.  You know you're in love when all you can think about is the object of your desire.  Your mind wanders during the day, then at night you dream about being with your loved one.  Have you ever felt this way before?  I hate the feeling, I absolutely abhor it.  When I'm not with my love, my heart just aches.  I will do anything to get rid of that feeling.  And there's only one thing that's going to stop it: to buy the damn shoe already.

This is my latest crush: the Salvatore Ferragamo Satin Platform Pump in the colour Thyme.  Why aren't you drooling yet?  Oh, I know why.  Because to you, this looks like any old beige platform peep-toe pump.  Well, maybe not just any.  You know it's a little special, just look at that satin sheen.  Feast your eyes on the gorgeous curves, the delicate stitching... (Yes, I like to get up close and personal with a pair... of shoes).  This baby was the last size 8 pair in store (there's also a pair in size 7) and had a whopping price tag of $725.  Sadly, I had to let her go as I have to actually provide some sort of nutrition for my kids.  But If I could, I would have starved just to be able to have her in my collection.  She would have been the cream of the crop.  The stand out piece.  The... best freakin' pair of heels in my closet!

The thing is, before I tried it on, I just thought it was a nice pair of shoe.  Every girl needs a nude peep-toe pump in her collection, and this probably wouldn't be the best choice.  After all, it's satin!  It's very hard to keep satin clean, unless you drown it in a waterproofer and place plastic bags over it while you're wearing them out.  I wish I hadn't tried on these babies.  The fact that it was so comfortable was what sold me.  I own a whole heap of heels, a lot of them I would rather hobble about bare foot on glass than wear, but I do own a few comfy pairs.  They're mainly around about the 3 inch mark...  The Ferragamo pumps are 11cms, but there's a hidden platform so they give you height without sacrificing your knee caps.  They are the PERFECT pair of nude peep-toe pumps.  You can dress them up, you can dress them down.  I.  WANT.  THEM.  SO.  BAD.  *sigh*  Now, how do I install the PayPal donate button into this blog post...?  Hmmm!

More shoe porn for you:
For more Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, visit the website.  In Australia, you can find them at select David Jones stores and in Salvatore Ferragamo stores (the only one I know of is on Collins Street in Melbourne).  So... are you in love yet?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Does What You Wear Really Matter?

Today I felt like doing a little bit of impromptu shopping, so as soon as my 9 year old son got home from school, I packed the kids and off we went to Chadstone Shopping CentreThis is what I was wearing.  I had been wearing this all day, and only changed out of my trackpants into a pair of jeans to make myself a little more presentable for the so called "fashion capital".  I looked pretty bummy still.  Granted, my jeans were True Religion but who stares at your butt trying to figure out what brand of jeans you're wearing?  No, not me... *shifty eyes*... (ok, fine, I do, but only if I like the look of the jeans and want a pair for myself)!

I go into David Jones, looking to buy a Kora moisturiser that I was running low on but it seems everything is out of stock or nearly all gone.  The only thing they had that I wanted was the Balancing Rose Mist which I was also running low on.  As I'm browsing, a sales lady comes by and asks if I need any help.  I question her about the low stock, and she looks at me surprised, because I actually knew the products (we talked for a bit about some of the products and the low stock issue). "So you use the hydrating moisturiser, do you?" she asks, still giving me that odd look.  I'm like, "yeah..." and in my mind I'm thinking, "What's it to you?  Why, does my skin look super oily or something?!  Should I be using the purifying one instead...?"

So off I head to the counter to pay for the one thing they had that I wanted.  The lady scans it and tells me the price, "thirty nine, ninety five".  "What?" that's me, wondering out loud.  I actually thought it was a lot more expensive, because the moisturisers are about $60 so that's what I thought the price of the balancing rose mist was too.  I had even pulled out two fifty dollar notes and was holding it in my hand ready to pay.  The lady looks up and offers to scan the other mist, the citrus one, to confirm the price and before I can even say "don't bother, I'm happy with the price, I thought it was more expensive" off she goes to get it to scan.  "This one is the same price," she tells me, "so it's the correct pricing."

I smile at her and say "Wow, I thought it was a different price, I'm just surprised." I put away one of my fifty dollar notes and I suppose she thought I didn't want it anymore, because she asked me "Do you still want it?".  "Of course I do!"  I say.  It was about this point that it finally dawned on me that she thought I didn't want it because it was too expensive for me.  She gives me a look... "Well, you shouldn't be buying things from here if you can't pay for it."  WHAT?  Is she serious?!  Here I am, waving my fifty dollar note in her face, waiting for her to process the payment already so I can continue shopping... and she doesn't think I can afford to pay for it?

I'm guessing it was my outfit.  Not something the regular DJ shopping would wear, I guess.  I just didn't look rich enough to shop there.  My handbag, while not exactly designer, wasn't a cheap designer knockoff either (Oroton leather bag for around $800).  In fact I'll put up a photo of it.  You can't tell it's a pricey bag, which is what I love about it.  And my shoes were plain white Jordan runners which I paid $200 for.  But, of course, unless you can see the little label on the side, you'd think they were any old white runners.  My jeans, as I mentioned before, where True Religion which I got for just under $500.  My blue hoodie that I was wearing was the only cheap thing I was wearing, I think I got it for about $40-$50 from the Nike Warehouse in Carlton.  I was only wearing that because that's what I wear around the house, and I hadn't bothered to change it to go shopping.

My question is, does what you wear really matter?  Do people look down on you if you're not quite looking the part to be shopping in an expensive store?  I often go out in jeans and a hoodie, and have never really thought much about it.  I'm not one to care how I appear to others.  I care about my comfort more.  And I've never really had a problem with being served.  But if I know I'm going to be shopping at designer boutiques, I will make a concerted effort to look the part...

So, I ended up telling the lady that I thought the product was cheaper than what I had thought it was, and while I thought she was quite rude and didn't want to give her my sale, I had to buy it as it was the last one there and who knows when I can order it online, as it's all gone there too.

That was my interesting little story of the day.  It makes me wonder, should I be rocking my Louboutins while shopping at David Jones? ... Nah!  Way too uncomfortable.  I think I'd rather see the look of suprise on a sale person's face when I flash them my cash :-D

Saturday, August 6, 2011

NARS Sweet Disposition Mini Multiple Set

Are you a fan of The Multiple by NARS?  Personally, I've never tried it but I've always been intrigued by it.  A product that can be used as either a highlighter, blush, lip colour or eyeshadow doesn't really appeal to me.  But I was browsing online at, and saw a limited edition set containing 3 mini multiples for just $70 (the regular size retails for $79).  It was the perfect size to trial the product in an assortment of colours, so of course I had to get it!

And here it is... The NARS Sweet Disposition Mini Multiple set!  Cute little 4g tubes containing the shades Luxor (iridescent pink), Orgasm (peachy pink with shimmer) and Malibu (pinkish brown).  The only colour I was really interested in was Orgasm, as I already own the powder blush.  Luxor looked way too light for me and Malibu looked way too dark!

Here they are swatched 4 times over on my arm:

Luxor looks too light for my NC40 skin tone, but rubbed in and used as a highlighter, it is actually a very good match!  It makes a very pretty highlighter on my cheekbones, under the brows and along the inner eyes.  It is quite shimmery, though, which I'm not too big on.  Orgasm is also quite shimmery but when used with a light hand, it is beautiful as a blush.  It's just like the powder, except more pigmented (so less product is used).  Malibu makes for the perfect contour for my skin colour and contains no shimmer so I quite like it.  In terms of ease of application, it goes on smoothly and blends easily, so no problems there.

I've only swatched the products on my arms and applied it to my face just to check out how it applies.  I like the way it feels on the skin, very light and fresh.  I think Malibu on the lips would look gorgeous, but I don't think it'll have much staying power... We'll see!

These cute 4g tubes are the perfect size to throw in your clutch on a night out or to take away on holiday.  They're limited edition, so if you're interested, you should grab them quickly.  They're available on the Mecca Cosmetica website.  I think some of the stores might have them, as Chadstone in Melbourne had a pack, but I'm not sure.  Usually their gift sets or limited edition sets are only available online.  But if I managed to find it at Chadstone, you might get lucky too.  If you want to buy from Mecca, here's the link
I'm hoping to do a FOTD using just these 3 products so you'll get an idea of how versatile and convenient they are.  So look out for that!  And if it's not up within a week or two, bug me about it because I have a tendency to be lazy... Just saying!  Lol.  Thanks for reading!

The Benefits of Coconut Water

I'm sure you've heard all the hype on coconuts, and quite possibly consume it's water and slather it's oil all over your body like me... right?  If you're not, then you are definitely missing out!  In another post I'll talk about coconut oil, in this post I'll just be raving about the coconut's deliciously slurpable counterpart, it's water.

Coconut water is basically a natural isotonic beverage.  It has about double the potassium as that of a sports drink, yet it contains less salt.  It's low in carbs, low in sugars and 99% fat free.  There are claims that it can help you lose weight, although I haven't seen results in myself.  I think it's the most refreshing, tasty drink ever but I'm a little bias as I've grown up drinking coconut water straight from a young coconut.  I haven't met anyone yet who can't stand the taste!

Coconut water hydrates your body, removes toxins, aids digestion and even has the same level of electrolytes as we have in our blood.  It's been used to treat wounded soldiers in war and I believe that in some third world countries, it's been used as an IV (crazy, huh?)

In Australia, you can find coconut water in most grocery and health food stores, although most of the time it's in the non-chilled drinks aisle.  There is a pretty nice variety to choose from, but I like to get mine from Coles.  They stock Nudie's coconut water (chilled!) in 4 different flavours (nothing beats it "straight up", though).  And it's not from concentrate.  It's about $3 a bottle.  Taste wise, it's the most natural as other brands add flavours and sugars to theirs, which defeats the purpose of drinking it for health benefits.

I like to have a bottle first thing in the morning, everyday (budget permitting, of course)!  It's ultra refreshing after a work out.  But I wouldn't know, I never exercise lol.  It's good if you've been eating something spicy or salty, as it kind of neutralises your insides and you feel balanced... hard to explain.  If you haven't tried coconut water yet, give it a try!  It's both taste and health, bottled up.

My Funny Valentine Bobbi Brown and Benefit Giveaway

I stumbled across an awesome giveaway thanks to the lovely Tara who tweeted about it. The prizes are amazing! Bobbi Brown lip balm SPF15 (worth AUD$42) and the highly coveted Benefit Feelin' Cheeky Minis which contains miniatures of Posie Tint, Benetint and High Beam illuminator. I so want it, and I know you do too! To enter, check out My Funny Valentine's giveaway post. I'm so glad I came across this giveaway, because even if I don't win, I'll still get to enjoy her awesome blog which I might never have come across :-) Thanks, Jenny, for holding such an awesome giveaway!

Friday, August 5, 2011

100% Pure Coconut Hydrating Body Wash

Recently I was browsing meccacosmetica and one of the first brands listed was one I had never come across before: 100% Pure.  I love natural products and I'm always on the lookout for something new and awesome so I had a look at what they had to offer.  In Australia, that was not much at all.  But if you visit their website at you will see that they have a MASSIVE range of stuff, from cosmetics, to skincare, to haircare!

Unfortunately, they don't ship to Australia so I was limited to what I could try out.  Body washes, body lotions and body scrubs pretty much summed it up.  I had my eye on the coconut range (I absolutely ADORE coconut scents!) but all they had in stock was the hydrating body wash.

Verdict?  The scent is totally AMAZING!  It has a naturally sweet, toasted scent of coconuts which I am a huge fan of and the smell lingers on your body for a bloody long time.  If you're not into sweet nutty scents, it may actually put you off as it's so strong.  It comes in a massive 17oz/502ml so paying $28.95 AUD doesn't seem so far fetched.  And I haven't even gone into the health benefits of using this product yet!

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Juice 1, Organic Rose Hydrosol 2, Organic Lavender Hydrosol 3, Saponified Coconut Oil, Coconut Flavor, Coconut Extract, Organic Green Tea 4, Calendula, Prickly Pear, Pomegranate, Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Noni Fruit, Maqui Berry, Elderberry, Blackberry, Organic Raspberry 5, Grapefruit Seed and Japanese Honeysuckle, Hyaluronic Acid. (cited from their website)

As you can see, it contains no nasty chemicals or artificial perfumes which essentially just strip your body of its natural oils and could possibly be the cause of minor skin irritations and even (gulp) become a cancer causing agent!  However, there is much debate over one particular ingredient, japanese honeysuckle, so if you're anal about having everything totally natural, this may not be the brand for you as most of their skin care line contains some of it.  To see what the fuss is all about, read this article.  Personally, I don't mind at all as every other ingredient listed is natural, so exactly how bad is one little honeysuckle going to be?  You're far worse off using mainstream products laden with chemicals which claim to moisturise your skin but you can't even pronounce any of the ingredients listed (yes, SLS and parabens, I'm shaking my finger at you!)

Suprising, the body wash comes out as a foam which I wasn't expecting.  I don't like products that foam like hair mousse, and I was expecting it to feel drying on the skin.  It did the complete opposite, my skin felt quite smooth and I do not feel that the product dried my skin at all.  It really is hydrating!  And I mentioned this before, but I'll say it agian... the scent is AMAZING and lingers for a very long time!  I genuinely look forward to jumping in the shower just so I can rub this body wash all over myself and breath in the heavenly smell of coconut.  I use it on my kids too, and they adore it!  That's the great thing about natural products- you can use it on a baby as there are no chemicals to harm their delicate skin (just don't get it in their eyes!)

In Australia, you will find it hard to find this product unless you live in a big city.  It retails for AUD$28.95.  You can purchase it online at or, if you have a Kit Cosmetics close by (check Myer!) then you're in luck, as they are the only store to stock it (I think Mecca Maxima in Melbourne stock it too, but I'm not certain).  You could try ebay and such, but I'm lazy and don't like having to search and I'm not sure I trust those sites anyway.  There are other products and scents, but I'm reviewing this one as it's the only one I've liked the scent of and purchased (yes, with my own money).  Once the body scrub and body cream become available, you can bet I'll be throwing money at them and reviewing them, too!  LOL.

All in all, a fantastic body wash the whole family can use (if you don't mind the strong, sweet, nutty scent)!  The price seems steep, but it lasts for quite a long time and the bottle is massive.  So you're not shelling out for a new body wash every couple of weeks.  It being natural is a great thing, not just for your body but for the environment too.  Besides the japanese honeysuckle issue, it's pretty much perfection!  LOVE!