Monday, August 8, 2011

Does What You Wear Really Matter?

Today I felt like doing a little bit of impromptu shopping, so as soon as my 9 year old son got home from school, I packed the kids and off we went to Chadstone Shopping CentreThis is what I was wearing.  I had been wearing this all day, and only changed out of my trackpants into a pair of jeans to make myself a little more presentable for the so called "fashion capital".  I looked pretty bummy still.  Granted, my jeans were True Religion but who stares at your butt trying to figure out what brand of jeans you're wearing?  No, not me... *shifty eyes*... (ok, fine, I do, but only if I like the look of the jeans and want a pair for myself)!

I go into David Jones, looking to buy a Kora moisturiser that I was running low on but it seems everything is out of stock or nearly all gone.  The only thing they had that I wanted was the Balancing Rose Mist which I was also running low on.  As I'm browsing, a sales lady comes by and asks if I need any help.  I question her about the low stock, and she looks at me surprised, because I actually knew the products (we talked for a bit about some of the products and the low stock issue). "So you use the hydrating moisturiser, do you?" she asks, still giving me that odd look.  I'm like, "yeah..." and in my mind I'm thinking, "What's it to you?  Why, does my skin look super oily or something?!  Should I be using the purifying one instead...?"

So off I head to the counter to pay for the one thing they had that I wanted.  The lady scans it and tells me the price, "thirty nine, ninety five".  "What?" that's me, wondering out loud.  I actually thought it was a lot more expensive, because the moisturisers are about $60 so that's what I thought the price of the balancing rose mist was too.  I had even pulled out two fifty dollar notes and was holding it in my hand ready to pay.  The lady looks up and offers to scan the other mist, the citrus one, to confirm the price and before I can even say "don't bother, I'm happy with the price, I thought it was more expensive" off she goes to get it to scan.  "This one is the same price," she tells me, "so it's the correct pricing."

I smile at her and say "Wow, I thought it was a different price, I'm just surprised." I put away one of my fifty dollar notes and I suppose she thought I didn't want it anymore, because she asked me "Do you still want it?".  "Of course I do!"  I say.  It was about this point that it finally dawned on me that she thought I didn't want it because it was too expensive for me.  She gives me a look... "Well, you shouldn't be buying things from here if you can't pay for it."  WHAT?  Is she serious?!  Here I am, waving my fifty dollar note in her face, waiting for her to process the payment already so I can continue shopping... and she doesn't think I can afford to pay for it?

I'm guessing it was my outfit.  Not something the regular DJ shopping would wear, I guess.  I just didn't look rich enough to shop there.  My handbag, while not exactly designer, wasn't a cheap designer knockoff either (Oroton leather bag for around $800).  In fact I'll put up a photo of it.  You can't tell it's a pricey bag, which is what I love about it.  And my shoes were plain white Jordan runners which I paid $200 for.  But, of course, unless you can see the little label on the side, you'd think they were any old white runners.  My jeans, as I mentioned before, where True Religion which I got for just under $500.  My blue hoodie that I was wearing was the only cheap thing I was wearing, I think I got it for about $40-$50 from the Nike Warehouse in Carlton.  I was only wearing that because that's what I wear around the house, and I hadn't bothered to change it to go shopping.

My question is, does what you wear really matter?  Do people look down on you if you're not quite looking the part to be shopping in an expensive store?  I often go out in jeans and a hoodie, and have never really thought much about it.  I'm not one to care how I appear to others.  I care about my comfort more.  And I've never really had a problem with being served.  But if I know I'm going to be shopping at designer boutiques, I will make a concerted effort to look the part...

So, I ended up telling the lady that I thought the product was cheaper than what I had thought it was, and while I thought she was quite rude and didn't want to give her my sale, I had to buy it as it was the last one there and who knows when I can order it online, as it's all gone there too.

That was my interesting little story of the day.  It makes me wonder, should I be rocking my Louboutins while shopping at David Jones? ... Nah!  Way too uncomfortable.  I think I'd rather see the look of suprise on a sale person's face when I flash them my cash :-D


  1. Wow, how rude!. I've always felt that the people who work at say David jones or Myer think they are better than everyone else just because they are working there!. When really you don't have to be anything special to work at said stores. It is still a job!

  2. I always tell myself, well, they're working to make money and I'm here to spend money, so they're going to be a bit moody at times. Maybe the lady was experiencing hot flushes or something, hehe.

  3. I don't even think you can get knock off Oroton anyways ... Well at least not yet* LOL

  4. That is so rude! I find that I get much worse service when I'm in casual clothes or not wearing make-up.


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