Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Head Over Heels in Love

I am in love.  I have never wanted so bad before.  You know you're in love when all you can think about is the object of your desire.  Your mind wanders during the day, then at night you dream about being with your loved one.  Have you ever felt this way before?  I hate the feeling, I absolutely abhor it.  When I'm not with my love, my heart just aches.  I will do anything to get rid of that feeling.  And there's only one thing that's going to stop it: to buy the damn shoe already.

This is my latest crush: the Salvatore Ferragamo Satin Platform Pump in the colour Thyme.  Why aren't you drooling yet?  Oh, I know why.  Because to you, this looks like any old beige platform peep-toe pump.  Well, maybe not just any.  You know it's a little special, just look at that satin sheen.  Feast your eyes on the gorgeous curves, the delicate stitching... (Yes, I like to get up close and personal with a pair... of shoes).  This baby was the last size 8 pair in store (there's also a pair in size 7) and had a whopping price tag of $725.  Sadly, I had to let her go as I have to actually provide some sort of nutrition for my kids.  But If I could, I would have starved just to be able to have her in my collection.  She would have been the cream of the crop.  The stand out piece.  The... best freakin' pair of heels in my closet!

The thing is, before I tried it on, I just thought it was a nice pair of shoe.  Every girl needs a nude peep-toe pump in her collection, and this probably wouldn't be the best choice.  After all, it's satin!  It's very hard to keep satin clean, unless you drown it in a waterproofer and place plastic bags over it while you're wearing them out.  I wish I hadn't tried on these babies.  The fact that it was so comfortable was what sold me.  I own a whole heap of heels, a lot of them I would rather hobble about bare foot on glass than wear, but I do own a few comfy pairs.  They're mainly around about the 3 inch mark...  The Ferragamo pumps are 11cms, but there's a hidden platform so they give you height without sacrificing your knee caps.  They are the PERFECT pair of nude peep-toe pumps.  You can dress them up, you can dress them down.  I.  WANT.  THEM.  SO.  BAD.  *sigh*  Now, how do I install the PayPal donate button into this blog post...?  Hmmm!

More shoe porn for you:
For more Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, visit the website.  In Australia, you can find them at select David Jones stores and in Salvatore Ferragamo stores (the only one I know of is on Collins Street in Melbourne).  So... are you in love yet?


  1. I do love them! in fact planning my summer must haves list;) I shall add pumps too!

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