Saturday, August 13, 2011

NARS Sweet Disposition FOTD

I was true to my word, and tried out a look using just the NARS Sweet Disposition Mini Multiple set.  The Multiple can be used as either a blush, an eyeshadow, a lip colour or a highlighter.  As a blush, it's excellent!  Great staying power and easy to apply and blend.  As a highlighter, again, easy to apply and blend.  On my lips, it was a good enough alternative to lipstick, but quite drying and quick to fade.  And as an eyeshadow, terrible!  Looks pretty but creases like crazy.

Here are some photos I took of the look I created (before applying eyeliner and mascara).

And here are some shots after I had applied eyeliner and mascara.  It really helped pull the look together.

To create the look, I started with my usual base: Smashbox Photofinish Light, NARS Sheer Glow (Barcelona), M.A.C. Studio Finish concealer for blemishes (NC35) & M.A.C. Studio Sculpt concealer for under eyes (NC30).  I used a wet sponge to apply both the foundation and concealer, so my coverage was quite light.

For the eyes: after priming with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I applied Luxor to my lids and brow bone with a M.A.C. 239, then applied Malibu with a M.A.C. 217 in circular motions to my crease.  I noticed that the Luxor was starting to crease even before I had finished with my eyes.  Not a good sign!

Cheeks: I contoured along my cheek bone with Malibu (using my fingers to pat, then blend out) and then dabbed Orgasm on the apples of my cheeks, up to the temples (blending out with my fingers).

Lips: using a generic lip brush, I applied Malibu onto my lips.  I had to put some clear lip gloss over the top to make it feel more comfortable, as it was quite drying (but not as bad as some lipsticks!)

Lastly, I dabbed some Luxor along the top of my cheeks up to the temples to highlight.

As you can see, the look is quite a neutral look.  The colours came out really sheer on my skin, and even when I reapplied to try to add more colour, it just wouldn't darken.  So if you tend to use a heavy hand, these products are good as you'll never really go overboard with it.  I wore this look all night long, and it lasted all night except for the eyeshadow which kept creasing.  But nothing a little patting with my ring finger couldn't fix.

Personally, I would use these products again for everything except the eyes.  Together, they created a neutral, pretty look that I would definitely wear again, especially during the daytime.  The Multiple is great for your whole face, but stick to regular eyeshadow if you don't want to keep patting your eyelids throughout the day.


  1. It's the foundation! Underneath all that junk lies some very ugly scars and pimples :-/

  2. I love what you did with your eyes, Rin! I can never get such a precise line :( I need to practise more for sure ;)

  3. Aww, thanks Ling! I'm pretty pathethic with my eyes, I rarely wear gel eyeliner but when I do, I always use the M.A.C. 210 which is more precise. Usually it looks more messy and uneven :-/

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