Friday, August 5, 2011

100% Pure Coconut Hydrating Body Wash

Recently I was browsing meccacosmetica and one of the first brands listed was one I had never come across before: 100% Pure.  I love natural products and I'm always on the lookout for something new and awesome so I had a look at what they had to offer.  In Australia, that was not much at all.  But if you visit their website at you will see that they have a MASSIVE range of stuff, from cosmetics, to skincare, to haircare!

Unfortunately, they don't ship to Australia so I was limited to what I could try out.  Body washes, body lotions and body scrubs pretty much summed it up.  I had my eye on the coconut range (I absolutely ADORE coconut scents!) but all they had in stock was the hydrating body wash.

Verdict?  The scent is totally AMAZING!  It has a naturally sweet, toasted scent of coconuts which I am a huge fan of and the smell lingers on your body for a bloody long time.  If you're not into sweet nutty scents, it may actually put you off as it's so strong.  It comes in a massive 17oz/502ml so paying $28.95 AUD doesn't seem so far fetched.  And I haven't even gone into the health benefits of using this product yet!

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Juice 1, Organic Rose Hydrosol 2, Organic Lavender Hydrosol 3, Saponified Coconut Oil, Coconut Flavor, Coconut Extract, Organic Green Tea 4, Calendula, Prickly Pear, Pomegranate, Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Noni Fruit, Maqui Berry, Elderberry, Blackberry, Organic Raspberry 5, Grapefruit Seed and Japanese Honeysuckle, Hyaluronic Acid. (cited from their website)

As you can see, it contains no nasty chemicals or artificial perfumes which essentially just strip your body of its natural oils and could possibly be the cause of minor skin irritations and even (gulp) become a cancer causing agent!  However, there is much debate over one particular ingredient, japanese honeysuckle, so if you're anal about having everything totally natural, this may not be the brand for you as most of their skin care line contains some of it.  To see what the fuss is all about, read this article.  Personally, I don't mind at all as every other ingredient listed is natural, so exactly how bad is one little honeysuckle going to be?  You're far worse off using mainstream products laden with chemicals which claim to moisturise your skin but you can't even pronounce any of the ingredients listed (yes, SLS and parabens, I'm shaking my finger at you!)

Suprising, the body wash comes out as a foam which I wasn't expecting.  I don't like products that foam like hair mousse, and I was expecting it to feel drying on the skin.  It did the complete opposite, my skin felt quite smooth and I do not feel that the product dried my skin at all.  It really is hydrating!  And I mentioned this before, but I'll say it agian... the scent is AMAZING and lingers for a very long time!  I genuinely look forward to jumping in the shower just so I can rub this body wash all over myself and breath in the heavenly smell of coconut.  I use it on my kids too, and they adore it!  That's the great thing about natural products- you can use it on a baby as there are no chemicals to harm their delicate skin (just don't get it in their eyes!)

In Australia, you will find it hard to find this product unless you live in a big city.  It retails for AUD$28.95.  You can purchase it online at or, if you have a Kit Cosmetics close by (check Myer!) then you're in luck, as they are the only store to stock it (I think Mecca Maxima in Melbourne stock it too, but I'm not certain).  You could try ebay and such, but I'm lazy and don't like having to search and I'm not sure I trust those sites anyway.  There are other products and scents, but I'm reviewing this one as it's the only one I've liked the scent of and purchased (yes, with my own money).  Once the body scrub and body cream become available, you can bet I'll be throwing money at them and reviewing them, too!  LOL.

All in all, a fantastic body wash the whole family can use (if you don't mind the strong, sweet, nutty scent)!  The price seems steep, but it lasts for quite a long time and the bottle is massive.  So you're not shelling out for a new body wash every couple of weeks.  It being natural is a great thing, not just for your body but for the environment too.  Besides the japanese honeysuckle issue, it's pretty much perfection!  LOVE!


  1. Love anything coconutty!! Must check these out in Mecca- am after an all natural shampoo & conditioner

  2. They only sell a small range of body stuff here in Australia :-( I want to try their coconut & honey shampoo and conditioner but they don't ship to other countries. Let's hope they change that soon!

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