Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Oh spring... where art thou?

Melbourne is notorious for having four seasons in one day. Lately though, I've been feeling that all we are getting are the cooler seasons. Where is the sun? Did spring not make its appearance last month? Why has she forsaken us? And why does this perturb me so much?

Let me tell you a little story. The story begins with me complaining about how much clothing I have, and how I can never find anything to wear when I need it (nothing new if you talk to girls frequently). I one day have a lightbulb moment and decide to pack away all my winter clothing and anything chunky and knitted (jackets included). Where do these all go once I've packed them up? Because I have no room, it goes into storage, of course! So that when it starts getting chilly I can put all my summery stuff into storage and bring out all my winter stuff... *snorts*. Let's be honest, I'll most likely forget about it and buy new winter stuff because once it gets cold again, I'll be complaining that I have nothing to wear! But anyway...

So after 4 days of blissful sun in Melbourne, and spending some time in Italy where the weather was beautiful, I come back to Melbourne and find that it is experiencing an ice age in the middle of spring. Talk about bad timing! I am forced to wear the same thin, so-called "wind cheater" (such false advertising) over my chunkiest hoodie and gym pants when I have to go outside (which is every single day). All I have sitting in my makeshift closet right now (which is an entire story all on its own) are pretty, summery, light clothing that I cannot wait to put on and strut around in. Although...

... is the universe secretly doing me a favour by preventing me from baring my flabby belly to innocent bystanders? Should I exercise to be taut for summer, so people don't experience second hand embarrassment for me? Am I just being given more time to get my body into shape? And if so, then I think Melbourne will be in a permafrost state because my laziness knows no bounds.

Spring, where art though? Goddammit, I just want my cellulite ridden thighs to jiggle in the warm breeze already! C'mon spring... show your face!

Snapchat evidence of me, freezing in my room.