Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh yeah... I have a website!

Wow, it's been forever and a day since I last updated this website.  In my rash, spur of the moment  mind frame, I decided to get rid of my ugly mug as the header because it just made me cringe every single time I saw it.  Ick!  So since I got rid of that, I had to get rid of everything else.  But this is a little bit better, right?  One day I'll do it all up again but for now, this will be my humble online abode.

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you'll know I haven't died or anything.  In fact, I've been camwhoring more than ever.  Which is very sad at my age.  There are a lot of reviews I need to catch up on, but more importantly, I need to catch up on my studies.  

My beauty therapy course had been going very well... until I had a little bit of a breakdown.  I guess I'm not like most people, who get stressed, deal with it and move on.  For some reason my mind just literally explodes and renders me useless for several days.  I can't do anything.  At all!

I am back in class next week.  I'm trying very hard to catch up on all the work I missed out on, not to mention study for the exams I also missed out on.  I really want to start blogging regularly again, and that will hopefully happen very soon.  But just to keep you guys in the loop, here's some of the things that have happened since I last updated:

  • I met Michelle Phan
  • I met all three Hanson brothers!
  • I have some awesome new shoes
  • I have lots of new cute tops for spring
  • I saw hot, naked guys on a boat for my cousin's hens night 0_0
  • I am seeing a new doctor for all my issues
  • I've learnt how to wax my own punani
  • My BFF Khem came to Melbourne not once, but twice!
  • We got into mischief in the Mahogany Room in Crown Casino
  • I have developed the biggest crush on Bruce Willis... mmm!
  • I bought a NARS brush travel set but have yet to use it
  • I got new running shoes (they're hot pink and black)!
  • I've started running
I really think it's easier making videos on YouTube, but I hate the way I look on screen so hiding behind words is a better option for me.  I still receive Lust Have It packages, but haven't bothered to do videos on them.  And now, I really have to get back to homework!  xx

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bad Blogger!

I apologise for my MIA status.  I've been in a little bit of a funk, as well as busy with school.  It's not like I'm studying medicine or anything, but still, I'm used to doing absolutely nothing!  So devoting two (soon to be three) days for school is quite a challenge for me.

Speaking of school, Wednesday's class is cert III makeup!  How awesome that my first subject happens to be makeup.  I rarely wear makeup (because I hardly ever go out) but going to Wednesday's class always reignites my passion for it.  On Tuesday I worked for a few hours and applied all the new techniques I had learnt in class and was really pleased with my makeup, which lasted all day!

I really want to do a few videos on some of the things I've learnt, but since started school my skin has broken out in eczema patches again.  I've been avoiding filming, but in my last few YouTube videos you can kinda see the eczema on my face.  *sigh*  It must be the weather!

Anyway, this is just a little post to let you know what's been going on. Hopefully I'll get back to regular blogging again, as I have so many products I want to review and tutorials to make.  So thanks for the love, and in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, I'll be back!  xoxo

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Emjoi PediSmooth Review

If you want super smooth feet, there's only 2 things that you need to do.  The first step is to exfoliate, and the second step is to moisturise.  It sounds simple, doesn't it?  But if it's that simple, then why do we see so many men and women with dry, cracked heels?  It should be an anomaly, not a frequent occurrence!  Sadly, I see it all the time.  Even at weddings!  *shudders*

The Emjoi PediSmooth fitted with the coarse skin/maintenance roller.

The Emjoi PediSmooth (rrp $29.95 AUD) has finally been launched into the Australian market, and it is designed to make the first step (exfoliation) simple. Typically, to exfoliate the sole of the foot, one would hop in the shower or sink their feet into a foot spa and scrub away with a pumice.  But sometimes we come across situations that don't allow time for that...

The Emjoi PediSmooth takes away the need to have to wet the feet at all.  All you do is select which roller strength you need (either white for extra coarse skin, or pink for coarse skin or maintenance).  You then just turn the battery operated device on with a simple push of a button and it will start spinning 360 degrees, 30 times per second.  You lightly pass this over the dry skin on your heels for no more than 3 seconds at a time and that's pretty much it!  Ta-da, smooth heels!

The extras that come with the Emjoi PediSmooth - 2 extra coarse rollers, 1 coarse roller, a storage pouch and a cleaning brush.

It sounds scary, but it's really not.  It doesn't hurt at all!  It's safer and more effective than metal scrapers (or so I'm told) and it does the job very well. The dry skin is gently buffed away.  My only gripe with it is that while it's very convenient, it gets a little messy.  So you could take it with you and discreetly fix up your dry heels in the office, but be prepared to sweep away the... er... leftovers.  And you will need to moisturise your feet straight afterwards, to keep it from further drying out.

As far as beautiful feet go, the Emjoi PediSmooth will certainly help you achieve them.  But more importantly, it will help you maintain them!  In my next post I'll have a detailed foot care tutorial that features this product, along with a few other products that will make sure your feet are no longer a source of embarrassment, and how to keep them soft and smooth all year round. Watch out for it!

For more information on the Emjoi PediSmooth, please visit their website:  You will find it under "products".

*Please note: product was sent for consideration.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

If I Owned These Things I'd Be Happy, But Only For 5 Minutes...

I have my foot care tutorial ready to be published, but I needed to get something off my chest and tonight I've decided to write a little heart to heart post.  So the foot post can wait.  Seeing as I'm only posting once a week, it'll come next week.

This week something happened that kind of threw me off.  Every since I got wind of something a couple of days ago, I haven't been as "happy" as I usually am.  I'm stressed and my skin is breaking out in eczema patches again.  I'm not going to divulge, but this "news" has affected me in a major way, and also means a different way of life.

I'm pretty sure that when I stress over something, I don't deal with it as most people do.  Unless it's normal to overeat, or not eat at all.  Or stay in bed all day, staring at the ceiling.  Or even skip showering because I just can't muster the energy.  For anyone who's ever been depressed, all those things will sound familiar. This "news" has thrown me back into the depths of depression, just when I had one foot out the door.

Meh.  Such is life.

Anyway, this is how I deal with my depression: compile a wish list!  Here is what I've spent much of my waking hours obsessing over.  Why deal with the real world when I can forget all my troubles by thinking up ways on procuring unnecessary, expensive things?  Here's my "If I owned these things I'd be happy, but only for 5 minutes" wish list.

I saw this modeled on a dummy in the Chadstone Burberry store.  WANT.  It looks hot, and it's a timeless piece.  Sure, I already own one (it was an amazing birthday gift a few years ago), but it's long and dark.  I want a shorter, lighter one!

Have you ever slipped your foot into a Salvatore Ferragamo shoe?  If you want to remain oblivious to how amazingly comfy they are, then DON'T try it!  Once you pop (your foot in one), you can't stop (thinking about adding it to your personal shoe collection).

Again here's another classic, timeless piece.  Jimmy Choo's Rosalie handbags come in an assortment of colours and materials, but my favourite is the smaller sized Rosalie in "mock croc".  Pictured is the nude, but it also comes in black and fuchsia.  And boy, is the fuchsia HOT!  Perfect way to add a pop of colour to an otherwise drab winter outfit.

A few other things I am adding to this wish list but won't be pictured (because I'm lazy): Chanel lipsticks and foundations, YSL lipsticks, a flip top glamour makeup box, a boob job (in cup size D, preferably!) and my own luxury car (public transport on rainy days are totally not fun)!

So, are you rich?  Do you have a few thousand dollars just lying around, waiting to be spent on frivolous, materialistic crap?  If so, well I wish I were you!  I know money can't buy you happiness, but it can bring you a few moments of joy.  That may be all one needs to keep on truckin'... 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

KORA Organics Rejuvenating Foot Balm

Foot creams are essential after my daily shower or before bedtime, because it keeps my feet soft and smooth.  I have used many a foot cream in my lifetime (I'm no spring chicken!) but I have never encountered one so deliciously scented that I want to lick my own foot after applying it.  Today's product review is one of my all time favourite products in the KORA Organics skincare range.

The Rejuvenating Foot Balm (90ml - $34.95 AUD) is encased in the typical KORA Organics "almost Tiffany blue" simple, matte packaging.  The foot balm smells absolutely amazing - exactly like candy canes at christmas time!  Soft and sweet, with a touch of peppermint... yum!  That alone is a win for me. However, there are many other great features of this foot cream.  The first one being that it's over 99% natural and that over 62% of the total ingredients are sourced from organic farming.  It has been certified organic according to the ECOCERT standard.

The "blurb" and instructions on how to use the foot balm
This foot balm says that it "soothes and cools" aching or tired feet.  In all honesty, I don't know if it lives up to the claim or not as I use this every day and my feet are never "achy" or "tired".  However, I do notice that after wearing heels for a few hours I'll come home and use this after a shower, and it does feel quite cooling.  I imagine it would be quite soothing for feet that were actually aching!

List of ingredients
The "balm" itself isn't really a balm.  It's nothing like those petroleum based foot creams where it's thick, clear, oily and greasy to the touch.  I use a small blob (about the size of my fingernail) and it's more than enough to coat my entire foot and ankles.  It's very easy to rub in, quite quick to be absorbed, and light.  It's not greasy at all.  I always pop cotton socks on after applying this, though. So maybe it is greasy and I just don't know it?!  Ha, doubt it though, because on the occasions that I've taken my socks off less than an hour after application, my feet feel soft and smooth and not sticky at all.

A unique, cute little thing to note about KORA Organics products is that each product in the line is stamped with a word that is aimed to inspire you to live a better life.  The foot balm has the word "trust" on it.

This foot cream (or balm) is the one I have enjoyed using the most, out of all the other foot creams I've used.  It's moisturising but light, smells AMAZING and is 99% natural.  The Rejuvenating Foot Balm retails for $34.95 AUD for 90ml.  The entire KORA Organics range can be found in David Jones stores, some Terry White Chemists and from their online store.

Keep your eyes peeled, because I'm going to be posting a tutorial on how to keep your feet soft and baby smooth all year round, very very soon.  If your feet are dry and cracked, this is a post you don't want to miss!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Product Empties of April

I have never done a post like this before, where I list what products I have finished in a certain month so I thought now be a good time to start.  This month, I've used up quite a few!  I am in desperate need to replace them but due to money issues (i.e.: school expenses) I've had to make do with other products that I'm either impartial to, or don't like at all.  Without further ado, here's what I've used up this month:

M.A.C. Cleanse Off Oil 150ml - $37 AUD
The Cleanse Off Oil by M.A.C. is one of the first cleansing oils I've ever used. Initially, I think it may have broken me out so I stopped using it and tried other products.  However, nothing beats the lightness and affordability of the M.A.C. oil so I went back to it when I discovered the other products were far too expensive.  Especially for something that just sits on my face for a few minutes and then gets washed down the drain! I've been using it almost daily (to wash off my BB cream) and haven't experienced any further breakouts.  I guess my skin just went through the "purge" phase, which is apparently normal when first using oil cleansers.  I definitely will be repurchasing this!  In the meantime, I've been using a baby wipe to take off my makeup and BB cream which I really hate :(

Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Coconut Quench 118ml - $59.95 AUD 
The Coconut Quench is a toner spray/refresher/instant hydration booster that can also be used for your hair.  I first saw it on the Mecca Cosmetica website and thought it sounded perfect for me as I absolutely love coconut scented products!  I tried it in my hair first but decided I didn't like to add water to my already frizz prone hair (even though it made it smell yummy) so I started using it as a facial toner.  It smells delectable and is super hydrating, perfect for my dry-ish skin.  I use it before applying serum and moisturiser.  I have not experienced any adverse reactions from this product and I love the fine mist it comes out in, so I will be repurchasing this.  In the meantime, I've gone back to using my Comvita Hydrating Toner Mist which I quite like but notice that it feels a little heavy on my skin and dries to a slightly sticky finish.

Trilogy Rose Hip Oil 45ml - $34 AUD
This Rose Hip Oil is what I use in lieu of a fancy schmancy facial serum.  I like to be as natural as possible, and you can't get more natural than this!  I believe that since I've started using rose hip oil, my skin has dramatically improved in terms on texture, firmness and tone (as in, redness around my nose has subsided).  It is cheap considering that this is a product that actually works!  I have repurchased several of these and I've already moved onto my other 45ml bottle, which I bought as backup a few weeks ago when I realised I was low.  I do not want to be caught out, EVER!

Philosophy Purity Made Simple facial cleanser 236ml - $42 AUD
I have been using the Purity Made Simple facial cleanser for many years now. I don't use it as a daily facial cleanser, instead I save it for days that I'm wearing heavy makeup.  It works so well for that purpose (after my initial oil cleanser remover, that is!)  It used to be my daily cleanser until I switched to natural products.  Since I've now run out, I've been using the Moo Goo Milk Wash which works well enough, but I prefer the Philosophy Purity cleanser because I feel like it works perfectly.  Why have good when you can have GREAT?!

Moo Goo Milk Wash 500ml - $17.95 AUD
This Milk Wash by Moo Goo is a good, natural body wash.  I use it daily on my body in the shower and also to wash my face in the mornings and/or when I'm not wearing makeup at the end of the day.  I also use it on my kids (they have their own bottle in their bathroom).  It smells good and cleanses well and that's all that you really need in a body wash.  Of course, it has the added bonus of being natural and very affordable so I will definitely be repurchasing this until I find a better product on the market (that's as affordable as this one!)  For now, my kid's bottle has been traveling back and forth between our two bathrooms :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kio Kio Frangipani Body Cream Review

In case you didn't know, I used to live in New Zealand.  I lived there for about 9 years of my life.  When I hear about good things happening in NZ, I feel a sense of pride.  After all, it was my country for many years!  The latest to make me beam with joy is the brand Kio Kio, which was developed by Fiona Terry.

So, why the buzz?  Firstly, as previously mentioned, I feel a sense of patriotic pride.  Secondly, it's organic, sustainably sourced and SLS, paraben, mineral oil... let's just "nasty ingredient" free.    Thirdly, the products smell divine and lastly, look at that gorgeous packaging which also happens to be eco-friendly! Kio Kio is an "eco-chic bodycare range" which was first launched in America in 2010.  This is one of the reasons why I wish I was an American... first access to an awesome brand!

Frangipani & Puriri body cream - $49 NZD

I was sent two products for consideration, one of which I'll be reviewing today. Today's review is on the Frangipani & Puriri Body Cream.  This cream, which comes in a 200g pot, has the most amazing scent.  It smells just like frangipani!  No, seriously... it's like I've just opened up a door to a room full of fresh frangipani flowers.  It's incredible!  No artificial scents here, it appears to be the real deal.  And what's so lovely about it is that it's not overpowering at all.  It's light and fresh, but lingers on your skin for a long time.  You can only smell it if you're in very close proximity to my skin, though.  Which is a good thing, because it won't clash with anything else I wear.  And also for this reason, I like to save this body cream for special occasions, such as dates (wink wink!)

The cream itself is light, easy to rub in, quick to be absorbed yet very hydrating.  It's really weird.  Usually, if a body cream is hydrating, that also means it's thick and heavy, hard to rub in and leaves a greasy film on my skin. But not this one!  It leaves not a trace of anything on my skin except for that divine scent.  Someone can rub my skin after application and not even be aware of the fact that I have a body cream on.

The only issue I *think* I may have with this cream is that it contains essential oils, which I found out awhile ago that I *may* have sensitivities to after having a patch test performed.  I was advised to avoid it if I could. However, I've been using the body cream every day for an entire week and the only negative effect it was having on my skin was give me the tell tale itch of a could-be eczema outbreak in my neck and chest area.  As soon as I felt that tingle, I stopped using it daily.  I cut down to every second or third day, and my skin has been fine.  So for people with no sensitivity issues, this cream would be a dream to wear on a daily basis!  For those in my shoes, saving the cream for special occasions or just when you want to feel pampered is probably the most ideal way to incorporate it into your life.

Texture of the body cream.  Random milky patches are due to me not using the cream in several days.

Would I purchase this body cream with my own money?  You bet!  Once this runs out, I'm placing an order!  I'm going to try the other scents, and even the other products in the range.  It has impressed me that much!  

For more information on Kio Kio, visit their website:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beauty School Update

It's been a long while since I've posted anything.  I've been enjoying the school holiday and Easter with my boys.  I've also been trialing a few different products that I will get around to reviewing very soon.  But in the meantime, I just want to announce that I am finally officially enrolled in beauty school!  I have my time table and everything.  I'm quite excited!
My timetable :)

Last year I was very close to enrolling, but at the time my younger son wasn't in childcare and I only had the option of studying on weekends, which wasn't ideal for me.  I kept putting off paying the deposit because deep down, I knew I didn't really want to do it on that schedule.  I also didn't have a car to get around in and the beauty school wasn't situated in an area easily accessible by public transport for me.  So eventually, I lost my spot and decided I'd have to wait until a better training schedule turned up.

I'm glad I waited, because this year my son finally got a spot in a childcare center and I started looking for a beauty school that would have suitable hours for me.  It took a few weeks but I finally found one, and my first class is next week!  

I only have a week to look for black work pants, which will be part of my school uniform.  I actually tried on several in Chadstone but none seemed to fit me very well.  I started off trying size 10 in a few different brands but surprisingly they were all too big.  So I tried 9, then 8, then 7... The latter was a little bit too tight but 8 fit me quite well.  However, I couldn't find a suitable cut.  Why is it so hard looking for plain black work pants?

I filmed a quick outfit of the day video so if you want to see what I was wearing today, watch the following video.

Direct video link:

I am looking forward to starting the course and sharing what I learn!  Until next time, take care lovelies :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Rihanna Inspired Simple Spring Eyes

One of my favourite makeup looks is of Rihanna's stunning bronze eye with a pop of blue, from her music video "If It's Lovin' That You Want".  It's such a simple yet striking look.  Here's a screen shot of her amazing eyes in the music video:
Screen shot of "If It's Lovin' That You Want" by Rihanna

I believe I'm such a big fan of this look because Rihanna is such a stunner in it. I would kill for a body like that!  And I was a huge fan of Rihanna when she was still a good girl (before she had "gone bad"). I still love her songs, I just want her innocent image back!  But I digress...

I filmed a quick voice over tutorial, emulating the eye makeup.  This is my first voice over video and I think it's safe to say that I need a lot more practice with voice overs!  It's a very wearable look, perfect for spring.  I know Melbourne is in autumn now but the past two days have been so nice and sunny, I sometimes forget which season we're in!

Direct video link:

List of products used:
I managed to get a lot of use out of a few products that I received in my beauty subscription boxes, so you may be familiar with or even own a few of the products listed here!  I'm quite liking the Lime Lily cream blushes, and I've worn the Lash Republic lashes so often that they are looking a little worse for wear. Products received in a beauty subscription box are marked with an asterisk (*).

  • Naked 2 palette (half baked on lids, chopper in crease, foxy as highlight, suspect to deepen crease)
  • Dior 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow Quad in Electric Lights (darker blue shade only)
  • NARS Larger Than Life Long Wear eyeliner (Via Veneto)
  • Lash Republic "Accentuate" false eyelashes*

  • NARS Sheer Glow foundation (Barcelona)
  • Lime Lily cream blush (Princess)*

  • Mirenesse 3D Forever Gloss (Hello Kitten)*

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The No Makeup Tag

I was watching Kefrank12's No Makeup tag video and decided to do it myself. I think the questions help you get to know me a little bit better and I'm always interested in knowing how other people feel about makeup.  The girl who actually created the tag is MissTiffanyMA and her video can be found here: Below is my video, and below that are the questions in bold, and my written answers.  I hope you enjoy the video!  I tag... YOU!

Direct video link:

1. Scouts honor that you aren't wearing any makeup :)
I most definitely was not wearing any makeup of any sort in the video, except for whatever was left over of my lip balm (KORA Organics) from the morning.  I filmed the video at 3pm.

2. What is one makeup product you cannot live without?
Lip balm!  Or something like lip gloss to keep my lips moist.  I can't stand the feel of dry, "naked" lips!

3. What is one makeup product you can live without?

Setting powder is a product I can live without.  It's not an absolute necessity and often, I don't even apply it after doing my makeup anyway.

4. Do you feel confident without makeup on?

Yes!  I'm much more confident without makeup than I am with makeup.  I feel so self conscious when my face is done up. I can constantly feel it and always wonder if I've accidentally rubbed my eyes and smeared my mascara or something.  Oh, the stress it causes me, lol!

5. Which part of your face do you like the most?

My eyebrows.  I don't ever have to do anything to it.  I like that it's naturally dark, thus I can skip a step in my makeup routine (of "drawing on" eyebrows). In fact, my sister plucked my eyebrows for me when I was 10 and since then, I've never really had to do much to maintain them.

6. Where is one place you will never go without makeup on?

A formal event, such as a black tie gala, red carpet, formal, wedding etc. Anything that calls for sophistication and class.

7. Where is one place you can go without makeup on?

Absolutely anywhere.  I'm not fussed.  I think I mentioned in the video that I have been clubbing without makeup before.  But I've also been to a few weddings and parties without as well.  Not to mention all the fine dining restaurants I go to (on a date) sans makeup!

8. Would you rather go without makeup for a week? Or let your boyfriend do your makeup for an entire week?
I would never give a man control over what to put on my face.  Hell no!  LOL, and I didn't mean that in a sexual context.  I would rather go bare faced for a whole week than have him play makeup artist.  I go for several weeks without makeup anyway!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kiss Me On My Tulips

This weekend is a low key one for me, so I decided to perk it up by wearing a super bright, fun colour on my nails.  Kiss Me On My Tulips is part of the Holland Collection by OPI, designed for spring/summer 2012.  I love pink nail polish, however this colour isn't all that unique.  It's a hot pink.  There are lots of similar pinks that you can find by O.P.I. and other brands.  I think that Chanel's Rose Exuberant is quite a good match and in fact, that's why I decided to get this one instead, to save a few dollars.

Perhaps I should have gotten the Chanel instead, because I find the formula of Kiss Me On My Tulips (which is a creme) to be a little streaky.  I had to apply three applications to get an even coverage.  It's not too bad, two coats would have been sufficient but I'm quite pedantic about little things like that.

The good thing about this colour is that is doesn't seem to chip as easily as some other colours by OPI. Being a creme probably has something to do with that.  Or perhaps it was because I applied three coats, which I rarely do. Hmmm?!
A day old, in artificial light.

A day old, in natural light.

Right after application, in natural light.

I really like the other colours in the Holland collection, so I'll probably get them at a later date. I love the look of Pedal Faster Suzi, but I have enough pinks as it is so I'm trying to venture out and discover other colours. Vampsterdam and Dutch Ya Just Love seem like good contenders!

My weekend is extremely low key, I haven't left the house at all yet but tomorrow is another day.  My nails will be flaunted then, although it's not hard to miss.  Especially in this drab weather!  Kiss Me On My Tulips is definitely a great colour to perk up your day.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day to Night Eye Makeup Look

Last week was my birthday and I have been going out more than I usually do. This means I've had no time to redo my makeup for my night outings, so I've been doing the same day to night eye look each time.  Here's a breakdown of what I did.  I will possibly film a video at a later date, but for now here's some dodgy photos and what I used (I hadn't planned on doing this post so the night time eye photos were taken at the end of the night)!

Day look
Products used for day:
Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Lid: Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in #82 Emerveille
Crease & outer corner: NARS Ashes to Ashes single eye shadow
Eyeliner: NARS Pandora eye shadow duo (black)
Mascara: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes in black

Night look (with worn out eyeliner)!
For my night look, I simply added a little bit of NARS black eye shadow from the Pandora duo to my outer crease and patted a tiny bit of the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in #82 Emerveille to the center of my lids.  Then I lined both my waterline and tightline with Chantecaille Gel Liner pencil in Jet (black).  I ran some black eyeshadow over the bottom eye liner to smoke it out a little.  I should have used the NARS Larger than Life eyeliner because the Chantecaille one obviously doesn't have much staying power, even though it claims it does. Hmpf!

I didn't reapply mascara because I didn't want it to clump.  But I should have applied some false lashes.

A better angle of my night eye look.  The lighting made me look like I hadn't blended my foundation.  I look half dead, lol.
OOTD with my night makeup.  I think I was going to see a movie in gold class but it was completely booked out, so we just went to a regular cinema.  Usually I don't bother doing makeup if I'm just going to see a non-gold class movie.
So that was my simple day to night eye makeup look.  If you want a more dramatic night look then more black eye shadow can easily be added, as well as more mascara and false lashes.  Switching the bottom liner to something other than black (such as purple or teal) would also give the eyes a fun pop of colour.  In the future I think I'll give the colour pop a try.  So what do you think?  Should I bother attempting to film a tutorial or does this post explain how to do it well enough?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taking It All Off

How do you take off your makeup?  Do you use wipes or a cleanser?  Perhaps both?  I'm going to be showing you how I take mine off, and why I choose to do it this way.  If you're a visual person, watch the video, then simply keep reading to find out more!  Otherwise, just keep reading...

Direct video link:

First of all, I always tie back my hair to keep it out of my face and dry.  And before I do anything else, I wash my hands, mainly out of habit.  But washing your hands before washing your face is a good idea to minimize the transfer of bacteria anyway.

I use Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover on a round cotton pad to remove all my eye makeup.  I like to remove eye makeup separately because some eye products, particularly the waterproof kind, are  difficult to remove.  I have used many different eye makeup removers, but the Lancome Bi-Facil is the only one that takes everything off in one go, without having to rub or tug at your eyes.  

I soak a 20 cent area on my cotton pad with it, then hold it over my eye for several seconds.  I lightly rub the pad on my eye and drag it off, taking off all my eye makeup with it.  I do just one eye at a time, to make sure I'm thorough.  If there's anything left over, I don't repeat this step, I simply move on to the next because it'll all come off then.

I use a cleansing oil to remove the rest of my makeup.  The one I'm currently using is the M.A.C. Cleanse Off Oil, but I am happy using any brand of cleansing oil.  They all work the same.  I squirt 2 or 3 pumps of oil into my dry hands, then simply rub it all over my face in circular motions.  I spend a good 2 or 3 minutes gently rubbing it onto my face to thoroughly dislodge all the makeup.  Once my face has had a rather nice massage, I rinse the oil off my hands, then rinse my face with warm water.

You could call it a day and leave it at that, but I don't like the idea of having any traces of oil mixed with makeup left on my face, so I always cleanse my face with Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser.  I use a fairly good sized amount and rub it all over my face as I did with the cleansing oil.  After half a minute or so, I rinse it off with warm water.  I then pat dry and follow with my moisturising routine (which I will one day post about).

So, how do you take yours off?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 Minute Makeup Challenge

I filmed my attempt at the 5 minute makeup challenge, which was a huge fail. I didn't have time for lip gloss, powder or mascara! I forgot to have all my brushes nearby and my foundation, concealer and blush was just slapped on. The result was rather poor, I looked about the same as I did before I applied any makeup.  Plus my right tee-shirt sleeve was flipped up the whole time... wtf?!  How gangsta!  Haha!  Watch for the lols (plus a special guest appearance by my son)!

Direct link:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Beauty School + Upcoming Birthday Haul + Lust Have It (March)

My birthday is 6 days from today.  I'm getting old, eek!  I suppose I'm getting to that age where you just don't want to tell anyone your real digits.  So let's just say I'm turning... 21?  Yeah.  That'll do!  Lol!  But if you do the math, it doesn't add up because I have a son who will be turning 10 in July.  Hmmm!

This weekend I will be away.  My birthday weekend really falls next week, but who doesn't want to take advantage of the long weekend?  By Wednesday I should be back blogging about all the things I did, eat, see, get.  If I'm lucky, expect a nice big birthday haul!  After all, Chadstone's VIP event will be held on the day just before my birthday... *giggles gleefully*.  It's like the universe has just decided to make this my year!

Speaking of which, I have gotten the ball rolling again for my longing to do a beauty course.  Last year I had planned on starting a weekend course and after a year I would have gotten a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, but the timetable and location just wasn't ideal for me.  And I left it far too late to enroll anyway.  It's hard trying to get qualified when there are two kids to work around and not much help available.

The school that I may be starting at soon is catered specifically for people who have kids to look after. Their hours are shorter and classes are only two or three times a week so this means that obtaining my Diploma will take much longer than a year. This is a good thing anyway because I can learn at my own pace.  If there's one thing I hate, it's to feel rushed!

Today I picked up my Lust Have It box that had been waiting for me since yesterday at my local post office.  I filmed a video, so if you're interested in seeing what's inside this month's box you can click play below or just click this link which will take you to the video.

Direct video link:

See you in about a week!  I hope you all have something fun planned for the weekend like I have :

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Patch Test Experience

Last year my dermatologist referred me to a skin clinic to have a patch test done.  I had stubborn eczema that wouldn't go away, even with cortisone cream.  The eczema started off as two small patches on my neck that later spread to my whole neck, my face, my chest and my right arm.  He wanted me to get tested so that I could avoid whatever it was that was triggering the eczema.  I opted to go through the public system, which meant a longer wait but it also meant that it wouldn't cost me anything.

In January I had the initial consultation with the doctor who would be reading my patch test.  She told me to bring in all the products I used daily and explained to me what a patch test was, exactly.  I knew that sticking things on my back was part of it, but I didn't know that it would be done over the course of 6 days and that I wouldn't be able to get my back wet or sweaty at all for 5 days!  Eek.

In February, on Wednesday the 29th I had my "patches on" appointment.  I took in the products I had been using prior to my eczema appearing (moisturiser and face/body wash, perfumes, my shampoo and conditioner, etc). Before I went in, I had my final proper shower and washed my hair for the last time that week.  When I arrived, the nurse had my patches made up, then applied them to my back.

The non-showering began from this point on.  I didn't think I would be able to not have a proper shower for 5 days, but I managed pretty well.  I simply adjusted my shower head so that it was at waist height and showered my bottom half normally.  With my chest, neck, right arm and underarms I just wet a washcloth and washed myself with it.  I suppose it was kind of like giving myself a sponge bath.  I felt clean enough afterwards, but couldn't get over my back not being clean like the rest of me.  So I still felt "dirty", in a way.

The pre-made patches with 80 of the most common allergens.

The patches applied to my back.

The "bag of goodies" I took in with me to my "patches on" appointment.

The photo patch on my arm (covered with tape).

On Friday, March the 2nd I had another appointment.  The nurse took my patches off and labelled it with sticky tape, then got me to put my left arm with the photo patch (which was a perfume) into a UV booth for five minutes. This was to see if there was a change after exposure to ultra violet light from the sun (as is the case with photosensitivity).  After 20 minutes of having had my back aired out, an initial reading was done.  The nurse had a look and feel of my back to see if I had reacted to anything.

Sure enough, I had a positive result for nickel, and a possible reaction to my shampoo and moisturiser (noooo)!  I was sent home and warned not to scratch my back, even if it got itchy (which it sure did)!  It actually got so bad that my left shoulder and upper back got rather red and inflamed.  I was told to take Clarintyn and Nurofen and to apply a cold compress to the area.  After two hours it settled down and I was able to sleep.
The UV booth I had to stick my left arm in for 5 minutes.

Today, before I was seen by the doctor.
Needless to say, my weekend was uneventful.  I mostly stayed home watching videos and reading.  Even though I was doing my half shower, half sponge bathing routine twice daily, I was started to feel really gross and my hair was in desperate need of a wash.  I very nearly went to a hair salon to have it washed, but laziness and lack of money stopped me.

Today was the day that I finally saw my doctor again, who would do the final reading and tell me the results.  It was a strong positive for nickel, and while I had an initial reaction with the shampoo and moisturiser, it had died down over the weekend (the Clarintyn played a part in that)!  I was given information on how to avoid nickel and advised to switch shampoo and moisturiser because they were both organic and contained essential oils, which may have been the problem.  Nooo!

So that was my patch test experience.  Definately not something I would want to go through again, as the no showering thing really sucked.  But it was a wealth of knowledge and I'm now on the hunt for some decent non-nickel containing jewellery, a new shampoo, conditioner and a new moisturiser.  If you have eczema and want to know what the cause of it is, a patch test may be able to help you avoid a flare up in the future!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Busy Me + Wedding Snaps

I have been so busy this week.  I rarely ever say that I'm busy, because let's be honest, I don't do much at all on a day to day basis.  A few things I did this week are; secure an appointment/interview for a potential school, get my son into childcare and have my patch test.  Tomorrow I'll be working, and on Friday I'll be meeting up with a friend for lunch and going to hospital.  It might not sound like a lot to someone who studies or works full time, but believe me, when I say I do nothing I literally do nothing all day.  So this week has tired me out somewhat.

Here's what I wore and the face I did to the wedding I recently attended.  I was sick and didn't have the energy to attend.  In my mind I had already cancelled but my mum called to tell me of the travel arrangement and I didn't have the heart to tell her I wasn't going.  So I did get myself ready, but my heart wasn't into it and I was just too sick to care about how I looked.

Dress from Pilgrim.  I wore my new nude peep toe heels with it

I did a neutral eye with a smokey liner

False lash application needs a little work, lol!

I had to do my own (terribly uneven and bumpy) french mani :(

Ma mère et moi :)

Mon père, ma mère et moi :)

I didn't get a chance to take a lot of photos but I did say I'll post my outfit and face, so there you go.  Once I get the results from the patch test, I'll write a post on it.  And depending on how the school meeting interview thingy goes, I'll blog about that too.  Oh, I was also gifted a lovely, brand new camera so quite possibly will be doing some videos.  What say you?  Yay or nay?

I have patches on my back right now and oh my lord is it itchy!  I really wish I could just give it a scratch.  Argh!

So how is your week going?  Are you someone who works and studies?  Or are you a bum like me?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Checklist For Wedding Reception

In all honesty, I don't think I'll be able to go to the family friend's wedding this Saturday.  My throat has been sore since yesterday, and today not only is my throat even more sore, but my nose is dripping like a tap too.  On top of that, my 9 year old son came home from school today with a high fever and chills. His school told me he had slept for half the day!  When he gets sick, it often lasts for a week.  Even though it's days away, I doubt I will be able to attend. But I have been looking forward to it for a very long time, so *fingers crossed*!

Just in case I do get to go, here's my checklist of things I need to do before the event.  I like to mentally cross off a checklist, but sometimes it helps to write things down just to make sure I get everything done.

  • Decide on an outfit, shoes & makeup
  • Get hair washed, cut and straightened at hair dressers
  • Get nails painted at nail salon 
  • Epilate underarms
  • Wax upper lips
  • Pluck stray eyebrow hair
  • Exfoliate face & body

  • Shave legs
  • DIY facial & mask

  • Curl hair
  • Apply makeup
  • Apply leg tan

As you can see, I will be doing most of the "getting ready" tomorrow.  I like to do as little as possible on the day so that I can focus more on makeup application and hair.  The little things like epilating and waxing, I like to do before the day to reduce the risk of redness.  I want to get my hair washed the day before so that when I curl my hair the next day, the curls will hold better.

Typically, I like to do my own nails.  But for weddings and other important events, I prefer to get it done at a nail salon because I generally go for a french manicure, and it looks much more "crisper" when professionally done. There is no risk for me getting it done the day before because it won't chip until the 5-7 day mark.  If I do my own nails, it tends to chip a day or two after I've applied it.

I hope that I will have lots of photos to post after the event, assuming that I do get to go.  If I don't get to go, I'll still post what outfit I would have worn and the makeup look I would have worn with it :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kiss and Makeup Haul (NARS)

NARS is one of my favourite makeup brands, but buying here in Australia is very painful as the prices are ridiculous.  A single eye shadow will set you back just $23 in the US, but here in rip-off land, you'll be forking over $45.  Why?  WHY?! It's so unfair!

It makes sense to source NARS from a cheaper source, such as ebay. However, I don't want to risk paying money for a fake or never receiving my product, so I've found a great US website to buy from that offers international shipping at just a flat rate fee of $9.95.

Kiss and Makeup offer a good range of high end products and cheap international shipping.  Delivery takes no more than 2 weeks (in my experience) and any queries are promptly answered.  I found out about this website from a beauty blogger on twitter, and have since made two orders.

All the products that I have ordered so far have been by NARS.  There are other brands to chose from but I'm pretty loyal to my brand and haven't bothered to check out anything else.  Here's what I ordered the first time around: NARS Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner - Abbey Road (blue), Via Appia (brown), Rue Bonaparte (flesh).  This was my "test" order - I made sure to pay extra for insurance, just in case!

First order - eyeliners (made last year!)
And here is my second order that I recently placed.  I really like the Larger Than Life Long Wear eyeliners, so ordered more: Rue de Rivoli (green), Bourbon Street (purple), Via Veneto (black), Rue Saint-Honore (navy).  I also ordered a foundation pump for my Sheer Glow foundation, as well as a single eyeshadow: Ashes to Ashes.

Second order - eyeliners
Second order - foundation pump & single eye shadow
If I were to purchase one of the eyeliners here in Australia, it would set me back $45, but I paid just $23 per eyeliner.  I also only paid $23 for the eye shadow (versus the $45 I would have had to fork out here) and a mere $6 for the foundation pump.  I saved myself a huge amount of money! 

Overall, I am very pleased with my purchases, as well as the excellent service from Kiss and Makeup.  If you're thinking of buying NARS (or other brands such as Laura Mercier, Smashbox etc) but don't want to be ripped off, why not check out their website:  I give them a 10/10 for products and service!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Whole Lot of Goodies

Yesterday was a very traumatic day for my younger son and I.  He needed a second blood test (as if the one he did on Monday wasn't traumatic enough!) and when I took him in to get it done, well, let's just say that after an hour in the clinic, it still wasn't done.  And it didn't look like it was going to get done.

After all the drama, I took him shopping and told him he could buy whatever he wanted to distract him from what just happened.  He got some new Lightning McQueen runners, a huge crocodile soft toy which he kept calling a dinosaur, several $2 rides, ice cream, lollies and KFC.  He was happy.

I was happy too.  Mainly because I did a little hauling.  Here's what I got:

  • M.A.C. 212 eyeliner brush
  • M.A.C. 130 foundation/powder brush
  • Chantecaille loose powder (Ray)
  • Chantecaille brilliant gloss (Glee)
  • KORA Organics vitamin enhanced lip balm
  • NARS eyeshadow (Bengali)
  • O.P.I. nail lacquer (Kiss Me On My Tulips)
  • Batiste dry shampoo (Tropical)
The lip balm and dry shampoo are things I get on a regular basis, whenever I run out.  The nail polish was an impulse buy - I just really love pink nail polish! All the other items were products I have wanted for awhile and done some extensive research on them to ascertain whether they would be worth it or not.  I'll soon find out!

Zu "Irena" peep toe heels
These shoes I have wanted FOREVER.  They are comfy for its height, they are a nice nude colour (so will suit almost any outfit) and the best part about this purchase was that it was heavily reduced, from $140 to $42.  Unbelievable! I'm so glad I waited so long to get them.  This goes to show that good things definitely come to those who wait :)
My valentine/early b-day gift
Oh yes, do you remember a wish list I put up several months ago, last year? One of the items was a handbag.  And it just so happens that I received that handbag as a valentines/early birthday present from a very special somebody in my life.  How lucky am I?  I kind of feel like this year is going to be a great year.  It's only February and I've been spoilt so much!  A little fact about me: I believe that the first butterfly you see at the start of a new year will determine how good the year will be for you.  For the past few years I've always seen a white butterfly, which means you'll have plenty of good luck and a good year (which never really worked out for me... hmmm). But this year, I saw a monarch butterfly.  Supposedly, this is a sign of bad luck.  But it seems to be giving me the opposite effect!  Maybe I've been reading into this superstition wrong the whole time?!  Well, whatever.  This year I feel so lucky :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

February Beauty Box Subscriptions

Interested in knowing what came in the February Lust Have It box and the Valentine's edition Glossybox?  I received mine last week but wasn't able to pick them up until late last week and today.  To find out more about these boxes, click the links: Lust Have It website, Glossybox website. Spoiler alert for those still waiting!

Lust Have It - February
The contents at a glance. $14.95 AUD.

Davroe Tame lemongrass detangler 50ml
RRP $21.50 for 315ml spray

Lancome Juicy Tube
RRP $46 for 14g

Lush sugar scrub
RRP $6.50 for 100ml

Sasy n Savy rose lavender hand and nail repair creme 5ml
RRP $25 for 100ml

Taut collagen infusion mask x1
RRP $44.95 for a pack of 5

A card with info on how to care for your skin, dependant on your age range.

Glossybox - Valentine's edition
The contents at a glance. $14.95 AUD

Bobbi Brown lash glamour extreme lengthening mascara
RRP $48 for 6ml

Polished London nail enamel
RRP $7.99 for 10ml

Proactiv deep cleansing wash 60ml
RRP $39.95 for 475ml

Jane Iredale Tantasia self tanner
RRP $54 for 124ml

Star and Rose Floral Wonderland emergency nail files
RRP upon request (???)

I'm quite happy with both the boxes.  I'm most excited about the mascara and hair detangler spray!  However, I don't think I'll be continuing with either of the subscriptions as I need to start seriously saving up.  If you're subscribed, are you happy with the contents this month?  If you're not subscribed, would you consider subscribing?