Monday, April 23, 2012

Product Empties of April

I have never done a post like this before, where I list what products I have finished in a certain month so I thought now be a good time to start.  This month, I've used up quite a few!  I am in desperate need to replace them but due to money issues (i.e.: school expenses) I've had to make do with other products that I'm either impartial to, or don't like at all.  Without further ado, here's what I've used up this month:

M.A.C. Cleanse Off Oil 150ml - $37 AUD
The Cleanse Off Oil by M.A.C. is one of the first cleansing oils I've ever used. Initially, I think it may have broken me out so I stopped using it and tried other products.  However, nothing beats the lightness and affordability of the M.A.C. oil so I went back to it when I discovered the other products were far too expensive.  Especially for something that just sits on my face for a few minutes and then gets washed down the drain! I've been using it almost daily (to wash off my BB cream) and haven't experienced any further breakouts.  I guess my skin just went through the "purge" phase, which is apparently normal when first using oil cleansers.  I definitely will be repurchasing this!  In the meantime, I've been using a baby wipe to take off my makeup and BB cream which I really hate :(

Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Coconut Quench 118ml - $59.95 AUD 
The Coconut Quench is a toner spray/refresher/instant hydration booster that can also be used for your hair.  I first saw it on the Mecca Cosmetica website and thought it sounded perfect for me as I absolutely love coconut scented products!  I tried it in my hair first but decided I didn't like to add water to my already frizz prone hair (even though it made it smell yummy) so I started using it as a facial toner.  It smells delectable and is super hydrating, perfect for my dry-ish skin.  I use it before applying serum and moisturiser.  I have not experienced any adverse reactions from this product and I love the fine mist it comes out in, so I will be repurchasing this.  In the meantime, I've gone back to using my Comvita Hydrating Toner Mist which I quite like but notice that it feels a little heavy on my skin and dries to a slightly sticky finish.

Trilogy Rose Hip Oil 45ml - $34 AUD
This Rose Hip Oil is what I use in lieu of a fancy schmancy facial serum.  I like to be as natural as possible, and you can't get more natural than this!  I believe that since I've started using rose hip oil, my skin has dramatically improved in terms on texture, firmness and tone (as in, redness around my nose has subsided).  It is cheap considering that this is a product that actually works!  I have repurchased several of these and I've already moved onto my other 45ml bottle, which I bought as backup a few weeks ago when I realised I was low.  I do not want to be caught out, EVER!

Philosophy Purity Made Simple facial cleanser 236ml - $42 AUD
I have been using the Purity Made Simple facial cleanser for many years now. I don't use it as a daily facial cleanser, instead I save it for days that I'm wearing heavy makeup.  It works so well for that purpose (after my initial oil cleanser remover, that is!)  It used to be my daily cleanser until I switched to natural products.  Since I've now run out, I've been using the Moo Goo Milk Wash which works well enough, but I prefer the Philosophy Purity cleanser because I feel like it works perfectly.  Why have good when you can have GREAT?!

Moo Goo Milk Wash 500ml - $17.95 AUD
This Milk Wash by Moo Goo is a good, natural body wash.  I use it daily on my body in the shower and also to wash my face in the mornings and/or when I'm not wearing makeup at the end of the day.  I also use it on my kids (they have their own bottle in their bathroom).  It smells good and cleanses well and that's all that you really need in a body wash.  Of course, it has the added bonus of being natural and very affordable so I will definitely be repurchasing this until I find a better product on the market (that's as affordable as this one!)  For now, my kid's bottle has been traveling back and forth between our two bathrooms :)


  1. The Super Coconut Quench sounds delish! I love the scent of coconut :)

  2. Really liking the look of that Philosphy Cleanser.. Just wish it had a pump.. might go check it out today

    1. You can order a massive bottle with a pump from the American website, but the shipping rate to Australia is extortion, lol! I really want to get that bottle though, it would make it absolutely fuss free :)

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