Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beauty School Update

It's been a long while since I've posted anything.  I've been enjoying the school holiday and Easter with my boys.  I've also been trialing a few different products that I will get around to reviewing very soon.  But in the meantime, I just want to announce that I am finally officially enrolled in beauty school!  I have my time table and everything.  I'm quite excited!
My timetable :)

Last year I was very close to enrolling, but at the time my younger son wasn't in childcare and I only had the option of studying on weekends, which wasn't ideal for me.  I kept putting off paying the deposit because deep down, I knew I didn't really want to do it on that schedule.  I also didn't have a car to get around in and the beauty school wasn't situated in an area easily accessible by public transport for me.  So eventually, I lost my spot and decided I'd have to wait until a better training schedule turned up.

I'm glad I waited, because this year my son finally got a spot in a childcare center and I started looking for a beauty school that would have suitable hours for me.  It took a few weeks but I finally found one, and my first class is next week!  

I only have a week to look for black work pants, which will be part of my school uniform.  I actually tried on several in Chadstone but none seemed to fit me very well.  I started off trying size 10 in a few different brands but surprisingly they were all too big.  So I tried 9, then 8, then 7... The latter was a little bit too tight but 8 fit me quite well.  However, I couldn't find a suitable cut.  Why is it so hard looking for plain black work pants?

I filmed a quick outfit of the day video so if you want to see what I was wearing today, watch the following video.

Direct video link:

I am looking forward to starting the course and sharing what I learn!  Until next time, take care lovelies :)


  1. i know how hard to find black pants! i've been looking for something for work - not uniform, but it's easy to go with anything. i just blame i have bad body shape to wear anything sold out there.
    have you tried looking at target? i can't find a cut that fits me, but they're cheaper. i bought them as something to wear while looking for the perfect black pants.

  2. Oh thank you for the suggestion! I have never actually shopped for clothing for myself at Target before, but I should seeing as I get my boys clothing from there. I was given a pair of pants from a friend in the meantime. Still on the lookout, though! Will definately check it out.

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