Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eczema Update: There is Hope!

No makeup

The photo on the left is me, today.  If you compare it to the photos in this post, you'll see the difference...

Most of my eczema rashes have completely cleared up.  My neck is totally free of any dry spots.  My chest still has 2 patches that haven't completely cleared, but it's no longer red, dry or itchy.  It just looks slightly darker than the rest of my skin.  As for my face, there are no more dry spots at all but I still have depigmentation issues due to the reaction to cortisone.  I did not use witch hazel and vitamin E.  I started off doing that, but the vitamin E was too sticky and kept making me want to scratch at it.  So what did I use?

Browsing the isles of my local Priceline pharmacy, I came across a range of products called Hope's Relief.  A while ago, I read that manuka honey is great for eczema, so I had initially bought a jar of manuka honey UMF 20+ and was applying that directly to my dry skin.  It was far too sticky, so I bought the Hope's Relief healing cream because it contains manuka honey.

Hope's Relief healing cream - $22.95 (60g)
I used this cream daily.  I started off re-applying four times throughout the day, but as the eczema began to clear up, I reapplied it less often.  A week into using it, I also started using the soap free bar to wash my face and body with.  I'm still using the bar for my face, but not body.  I also now only use the healing cream once or twice a day, always after I shower.  It was what has cleared up my eczema.  I wish I had started off using this in the very beginning!  My face may have been saved from the horrible reaction to the steroid cream that all the health professionals kept telling me to use.

No more itchy, dry patches on my neck!
I have an allergy test booked in early January so until then, I will not be using any skincare products except for Hope's Relief and  MooGoo.  I want to avoid having another eczema outbreak, especially during the holiday season.  I'm so glad that my skin will be normal in time for christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Is My KP Clearing?!

Just over a month ago I wrote this blog post.  I have been following that plan (with a few tweaks here and there) religiously for a month and I am now here to give an update on  how my skin is.  This post will only address the keratosis pilaris issue, as I have an eczema post coming up soon.

Here is what I've been doing every single day:

  • Taking 1000mg fish oil 3x (after breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Taking B group vitamins 1x (after lunch)
  • Taking Beta Carotene 1x (after breakfast, sometimes also after dinner)
  • Taking 400iu vitamin E 1x (after breakfast, sometimes also after dinner)
  • Moisturising my whole body with DermaDrate dry skin therapy 2x (after my morning shower, then again before bedtime)

In all honesty, I believe that if I weren't taking any vitamins but still moisturising my body twice a day, I would probably get the same results as I've taken vitamins before without moisturising, and I've seen no improvements with the kp.  But maybe the vitamins help a little?  I'm not sure.

Two weeks into doing this daily, I started to notice that the kp dots on my legs and thighs appeared to be getting smaller.  The discolouration on my arms in the kp area also seemed to be fading.  And a month later, while no bumps have disappeared, they do seem to be getting smaller.  The dots on my legs seem to have become more sparse and so too has the discolouration on my arms.  So is it getting better?  It seems to be!  I haven't been exfoliating, maybe if I start to do that then the bumps will also begin to go away?  Here's hoping!

Before twice daily moisturising
One month into twice daily moisturising... dots appear smaller and seem to be fading in colour?
My legs are where I've seen the most improvement.  I think I'll start to incorporate some sort of exfoliation and see if that helps the bumps on my arms.  My legs don't have the bumps, just the spotty appearance so maybe that's why it seems to have improved the most?  I will update again in another month's time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December's Lust Have It Box

If you've been living under a rock (or not in Australia) then you probably aren't familiar with what this is.  Lust Have It is a monthly subscription to a beauty box that contains 5-6 deluxe samples of high end brands or brands that you may not have ever come accross but are equally popular.  It costs $14.95 AUD per month and you can cancel anytime.  To find out more, such as what brands they're affiliated with, visit their website:

There are many of these beauty boxes that you can subscribe to.  Currently I'm subscribed to Glossybox ( and Lust Have It.  So far I've been fairly happy with both.  I wish I could subscribe to every single one out there!  But I think I'll have to cancel my subscriptions soon, as I really need to save money for next year.  Anyway, enough blabbing!  Here are the contents of december's Lust Have It box:
Moxie 8 pack regular tampons - $4.39 for pack of 16

Lash Republic complete lash set and glue - $25

Full size Glasshouse Fragrances Marseille fragrant body bar in Gardenia - $12.95

50ml Evo "the great hydrator" moisture mask (for hair) - $29.95 for 150ml

20ml Kosmea purifying cream cleanser - $34.95 for 150ml

Full size LimeLily Cosmetics waterproof eye pencil in "Jet" - $18

20% off code for purchases from the Moxie website and a yummy little candy cane!

Here's my video where I share a bit more of my thoughts towards the products:

Direct link to the video:

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes?  Are there any that you highly recommend?  I'm open to maybe subscribing to another one :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cute & Retro

During the Chadstone VIP night not long ago, I made two purchases: 2 pairs of Guess shorts.  I really did not need anymore pairs of denim shorts, but who can pass up 50% off?  I will get a lot of use out of the lighter pair, because while it's not the most stylish item on the planet, it is extremely comfortable and I live for comfort.  The darker pair are my first ever pair of high waisted shorts, initially I wasn't going to buy them because they're so not me, but I liked the way it looked when I tried it on and thought I could make it work.

Here is the styled high waisted shorts.  Nothing special, I paired it with a floaty, floral middift singlet top that I got on a whim (it's also by Guess lol) because it was so cute but I eventually realised that I would never wear it because I don't have a belly to be proud of.  But with the high waisted shorts, I can finally wear it out!  What do you think?  Personally, I think it looks retro and cute.  A perfect girly summer outfit.

PS.  I hate my skin.  I really, really do!  Argh :(

Friday, December 2, 2011

Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose Shampoo & Conditioner

Looking for a natural shampoo that actually cleanses?  What about a natural conditioner that will work hard at conditioning your hair?  Or are you just after a sweet smelling shampoo & conditioner that will leave your mane attracting honey bees for days?

Look no further. I have found it for you!  This is my review of the Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose shampoo and conditioner.  I've been using it for several months now, since the start of this year.  I discovered this product browsing the Aubrey Organics Australian website and was planning on ordering just soap, but succumbed to the free shipping offer if $75 or more was spent.  So I hastily added the Honey Suckle Rose conditioner (as I had plenty of shampoo at home) along with a few other items and patiently awaited my order.

One sniff basically sold me.  I didn't even try it on my hair before I decided that I was in love with it, the conditioner just smelt so wonderful!  So soft, sweet and feminine.  Once my regular shampoo ran out, I went back online to order the Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose Shampoo but the website was undergoing maintenance.  I waited.  And waited.  I managed to snag free samples of shampoo during my wait, but several weeks later the website was still apparently getting maintenance done.  So, frustrated, I finally found another website that stocks this product, along with basically the whole Aubrey Organics range.  This is where I found it:

Honey Suckle Rose Shampoo

Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose Shampoo
If you're not familiar with natural shampoos, then you'll probably really hate them until you get used to them.  Because they don't contain any chemical foaming agents, they are quite runny in consistency and don't produce much lather at all.  It's no different for this shampoo.  However, I like to double wash because the second time I use it, it produces quite a nice lather!  I feel that it cleanses better when it foams up and because the first wash barely produces anything, the second wash more than makes up for it.  I'm not sure why a lather is formed the second time around, but I'm glad it does as it makes my hair feel like it's cleaner.  It does not dry out my hair at all, in fact, I believe that this has helped my hair become more softer and moisturised.  The scent is very soft and floral, but not grandma floral.  It's very delicate and sweet.  Smells very much like herbs mixed with honey suckle!

Honey Suckle Rose Conditioner

Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose Conditioner
My favourite hair conditioner OF ALL TIME.  This stuff has stolen my heart and become a holy grail!  Not only does it smell absolutely amazing (very similar to the shampoo, but much more sweeter), it actually does a fantastic job and keeping my tresses moisturised and manageable.  Some reviews have said that it is way too "oily" and makes the hair really slippery, and to some extent that is true.  But if you have extremely dry, frizzy hair like myself, it's actually a good thing.  Once you've rinsed it out thoroughly, it feels so wonderfully soft and light.  My hair just drinks it up.  The honey suckle rose range IS designed for very dry, brittle hair so if you have normal or oily hair, it may not work for you.  

Let me tell you a little secret: I used this range on both my boys and they have normal hair.  It does not leave their hair oily at all.  They both have gorgeous, easily maintained hair.  So will it work for everybody?  Maybe, if you can get used to how it feels the first few times.  But I'll leave that up to you to decide.  Most conditioners say to only apply to the lengths of the hair, but with this conditioner, I have no problems rubbing it all over, even letting it sit on my scalp.  As "slippery" as it feels, it really does not leave my hair oily whatsoever.  Just light, soft and moisturised.  For me, it is not greasy... I cannot stress that enough!

For myself and my family, it works wonders.  Both the shampoo and conditioner last a long time (a little goes a long way) and at roughly $20 AUD per bottle (for 325ml), it works out to be a reasonably priced natural product.  As long as they keep making these, I'll keep buying them and using them religiously because it is a fantastic range!