Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eczema Update: There is Hope!

No makeup

The photo on the left is me, today.  If you compare it to the photos in this post, you'll see the difference...

Most of my eczema rashes have completely cleared up.  My neck is totally free of any dry spots.  My chest still has 2 patches that haven't completely cleared, but it's no longer red, dry or itchy.  It just looks slightly darker than the rest of my skin.  As for my face, there are no more dry spots at all but I still have depigmentation issues due to the reaction to cortisone.  I did not use witch hazel and vitamin E.  I started off doing that, but the vitamin E was too sticky and kept making me want to scratch at it.  So what did I use?

Browsing the isles of my local Priceline pharmacy, I came across a range of products called Hope's Relief.  A while ago, I read that manuka honey is great for eczema, so I had initially bought a jar of manuka honey UMF 20+ and was applying that directly to my dry skin.  It was far too sticky, so I bought the Hope's Relief healing cream because it contains manuka honey.

Hope's Relief healing cream - $22.95 (60g)
I used this cream daily.  I started off re-applying four times throughout the day, but as the eczema began to clear up, I reapplied it less often.  A week into using it, I also started using the soap free bar to wash my face and body with.  I'm still using the bar for my face, but not body.  I also now only use the healing cream once or twice a day, always after I shower.  It was what has cleared up my eczema.  I wish I had started off using this in the very beginning!  My face may have been saved from the horrible reaction to the steroid cream that all the health professionals kept telling me to use.

No more itchy, dry patches on my neck!
I have an allergy test booked in early January so until then, I will not be using any skincare products except for Hope's Relief and  MooGoo.  I want to avoid having another eczema outbreak, especially during the holiday season.  I'm so glad that my skin will be normal in time for christmas!


  1. Awesome :) Loved your KP post as well. Shockingly good results :D

  2. I'm so happy for you!!

  3. Wow! I might try this on my kids, as the eldest & youngest both have a pretty bad case of Eczema. Thanks for sharing the progress! :)

  4. Hi! It's the Hope's Relief team here. We were thrilled to read how great our signature cream was for your eczema and have posted your blog on our FB page :) all the best - HR.

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