Friday, December 16, 2011

Is My KP Clearing?!

Just over a month ago I wrote this blog post.  I have been following that plan (with a few tweaks here and there) religiously for a month and I am now here to give an update on  how my skin is.  This post will only address the keratosis pilaris issue, as I have an eczema post coming up soon.

Here is what I've been doing every single day:

  • Taking 1000mg fish oil 3x (after breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Taking B group vitamins 1x (after lunch)
  • Taking Beta Carotene 1x (after breakfast, sometimes also after dinner)
  • Taking 400iu vitamin E 1x (after breakfast, sometimes also after dinner)
  • Moisturising my whole body with DermaDrate dry skin therapy 2x (after my morning shower, then again before bedtime)

In all honesty, I believe that if I weren't taking any vitamins but still moisturising my body twice a day, I would probably get the same results as I've taken vitamins before without moisturising, and I've seen no improvements with the kp.  But maybe the vitamins help a little?  I'm not sure.

Two weeks into doing this daily, I started to notice that the kp dots on my legs and thighs appeared to be getting smaller.  The discolouration on my arms in the kp area also seemed to be fading.  And a month later, while no bumps have disappeared, they do seem to be getting smaller.  The dots on my legs seem to have become more sparse and so too has the discolouration on my arms.  So is it getting better?  It seems to be!  I haven't been exfoliating, maybe if I start to do that then the bumps will also begin to go away?  Here's hoping!

Before twice daily moisturising
One month into twice daily moisturising... dots appear smaller and seem to be fading in colour?
My legs are where I've seen the most improvement.  I think I'll start to incorporate some sort of exfoliation and see if that helps the bumps on my arms.  My legs don't have the bumps, just the spotty appearance so maybe that's why it seems to have improved the most?  I will update again in another month's time.


  1. this is an AWESOME post. bookmarked for future use and total copying. Thank you!

  2. Glad you're getting better, darl! Just stick to the plan ;)


  3. What great results. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. Thanks for the update but can you please do update on your KP now? I suffer from KP too and have copied your method. I'd love to know how it turned out for you x

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