Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cute & Retro

During the Chadstone VIP night not long ago, I made two purchases: 2 pairs of Guess shorts.  I really did not need anymore pairs of denim shorts, but who can pass up 50% off?  I will get a lot of use out of the lighter pair, because while it's not the most stylish item on the planet, it is extremely comfortable and I live for comfort.  The darker pair are my first ever pair of high waisted shorts, initially I wasn't going to buy them because they're so not me, but I liked the way it looked when I tried it on and thought I could make it work.

Here is the styled high waisted shorts.  Nothing special, I paired it with a floaty, floral middift singlet top that I got on a whim (it's also by Guess lol) because it was so cute but I eventually realised that I would never wear it because I don't have a belly to be proud of.  But with the high waisted shorts, I can finally wear it out!  What do you think?  Personally, I think it looks retro and cute.  A perfect girly summer outfit.

PS.  I hate my skin.  I really, really do!  Argh :(


  1. love the look! i live for high waisted cause i have an arch on my back, so my butt sticks out >_>; so i can't wear hip jeans or anything like that >_> gahhhh drains my wallet!

  2. LOVE the high waisted shorts! Wish I could make them work x

  3. I love the high waisted shorts! Such a pretty, girly outfit.

    I find Guess shorts (and jeans actually) to be really comfortable and long lasting too :)

  4. I think the outfit is lovely (yes, - girly and perfect for summer!)


  5. They would look awful on me, but you have awesome legs so they look AMAZING. Great buy!


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