Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Latest Australian designer lusts...

I have recently become obsessed with Australian designers.  There's something very fun and eye catching about brands such as Zimmermann and Alannah Hill.  While I'm no stranger to these brands, I've never paid them much attention for one sole reason: their prices are beyond my means.

I think I may have grown up a little and decided that dressing trashy no longer suits me.  Not that I was majorly trashy or anything, but I'm pretty sure that if I was on that show Snog, Marry, Avoid I'd have been seen as the type to avoid.  Or at least snog, then avoid!

Anyway I just wanted to show you my latest fashion lusts from some Australian designers.  The top three bikinis are all from  They are high in quality and look different to any other bikini I own and am seeing on the current market.  The price range is above the $200 AUD mark but if they ever go on sale, you might be able to snag it for half price.  Which I plan to do!

How gorgeous are these two dresses?  Again, they're from  These two are prime examples of my fashion taste gravitating towards non-trashy.  Anything that came even close to covering my knees used to be scoffed at by me, now I understand that long dresses are very good when your knees start to get fat.  I actually saw the pink dress in store and if they had had it in my size, I would've bought it then and there - groceries for the week be damned!  Both the dresses are over the $400 AUD mark but the darker one is on sale for $275 AUD (original price $550 AUD)... run, don't walk!

I like to think of Kookai is an affordable Australian label.  While they may not be up there along with the other aussie designers, they do produce some great designs and when they go on sale, it's well worth it to have a look around.  They do great basics and stunning dresses.  The two dresses above I have tried on and fallen in love with.  They're $130 AUD and $190 AUD respectively.  And while Kookai are currently having a massive sale on right now, those two aren't on sale just yet.  Hurry up, please!  I wish to own them very soon.

This dress is $590 AUD from  Ouchies!  But look how unique it is.  You can never go wrong with black and gold.  It's long, but still sexy.  It's pretty much everything a dress needs to be: classic yet modern, different and I bet it looks good on too... on me.  LOL :)  Sass and Bide also do some great unique looking accessories.  Their price is definitely high but at least you'll know you're unlikely to bump into someone wearing the same outfit as you at a party.

While I lust for these items, it's highly unlikely that I'll ever get to add them to my wardrobe so I've written this post especially for me to look back on and drool at.  Are you drooling too?  To see more of the fashion that I love, have a peek at my pinterest.  I've only just started but there will be plenty more pretty things to see!  xoxo


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  2. kookai? aussie brand?

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