Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chanel Rose Exuberant

I purchased this nail polish not too long ago ($39 AUD from Myer).  It's one I've been eyeing forevaahhh and the only reason why I never got it before is because I already have so many pinks. My current favourite pink shade is OPI's Kiss Me On My Tulips, but the formula for that is a bit streaky for my liking (see a review for that here).

Chanel Rose Exuberant is extremely similar to Kiss Me On My Tulips.  It is a vibrant cream and is great for a pop of colour.  However, Chanel's formula is sooooo much better.  It's smooth and streak free and in fact I would've gotten away with just one coat.  In the photos you'll see two coats, but seriously, one application is enough to yield an opaque and streak free finish.

This is Rose Exuberant in low lighting.  Still so pretty, yes?  I think that given the fact that one coat is enough (therefore more wears out of a bottle), $39 is not bad to pay for a polish that has an awesome formula and is a colour I really love and will wear over and over agian.  What do you think?


  1. That is such a beautiful colour.

  2. Rose Exuberant and May are my two favourite Chanel pink nail polishes. The formula is perfect, no streaking and lasts for days without chipping, and I don't wear a base, and only use one coat. It' expensive, but the quality is second to none!

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