Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Whole Lot of Goodies

Yesterday was a very traumatic day for my younger son and I.  He needed a second blood test (as if the one he did on Monday wasn't traumatic enough!) and when I took him in to get it done, well, let's just say that after an hour in the clinic, it still wasn't done.  And it didn't look like it was going to get done.

After all the drama, I took him shopping and told him he could buy whatever he wanted to distract him from what just happened.  He got some new Lightning McQueen runners, a huge crocodile soft toy which he kept calling a dinosaur, several $2 rides, ice cream, lollies and KFC.  He was happy.

I was happy too.  Mainly because I did a little hauling.  Here's what I got:

  • M.A.C. 212 eyeliner brush
  • M.A.C. 130 foundation/powder brush
  • Chantecaille loose powder (Ray)
  • Chantecaille brilliant gloss (Glee)
  • KORA Organics vitamin enhanced lip balm
  • NARS eyeshadow (Bengali)
  • O.P.I. nail lacquer (Kiss Me On My Tulips)
  • Batiste dry shampoo (Tropical)
The lip balm and dry shampoo are things I get on a regular basis, whenever I run out.  The nail polish was an impulse buy - I just really love pink nail polish! All the other items were products I have wanted for awhile and done some extensive research on them to ascertain whether they would be worth it or not.  I'll soon find out!

Zu "Irena" peep toe heels
These shoes I have wanted FOREVER.  They are comfy for its height, they are a nice nude colour (so will suit almost any outfit) and the best part about this purchase was that it was heavily reduced, from $140 to $42.  Unbelievable! I'm so glad I waited so long to get them.  This goes to show that good things definitely come to those who wait :)
My valentine/early b-day gift
Oh yes, do you remember a wish list I put up several months ago, last year? One of the items was a handbag.  And it just so happens that I received that handbag as a valentines/early birthday present from a very special somebody in my life.  How lucky am I?  I kind of feel like this year is going to be a great year.  It's only February and I've been spoilt so much!  A little fact about me: I believe that the first butterfly you see at the start of a new year will determine how good the year will be for you.  For the past few years I've always seen a white butterfly, which means you'll have plenty of good luck and a good year (which never really worked out for me... hmmm). But this year, I saw a monarch butterfly.  Supposedly, this is a sign of bad luck.  But it seems to be giving me the opposite effect!  Maybe I've been reading into this superstition wrong the whole time?!  Well, whatever.  This year I feel so lucky :)


  1. Great haulage you have there! And yay to a good year ahead :)

  2. Replies
    1. Aww, your poor little boy! Hope he is okay.

      Fabulous shoes!


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