Friday, February 3, 2012

Current Beauty Obsessions - Chantecaille & Chanel

Sometimes, I come across a beauty product that I cannot wait to own.  I google countless reviews on it.  I ascertain what colour/s would match my skin or suit my skin tone.  I dream up looks that I can do with the product... not just makeup looks, but entire outfits to go with it.  I call up stores to see which one convenient for me to get to will have it in stock.  I start saving up.

Is this normal?  Surely I'm not the only girl to feel this way about certain makeup products?

I am currently obsessing over two brands: Chanel and Chantecaille.  It's kind of funny how they both start with "cha"... as in, cha-ching!  I'm not sure why I'm obsessing over Chanel... I'm guessing it's because of their pretty nail polish colours.  Plus I watched a review on a compact foundation and decided I needed to have it in my life.  As for Chantecaille, I know exactly what got me obsessed with it: a short while ago, Mecca Cosmetica sent out an email showing us how to achieve 6 different looks using just four products.  One of the products was the Chantecaille gel liner pencil.  I'm hopeless with gel liner, so a gel liner in pencil form sounded ideal to me.

The other reason why I think I'm obsessing over their products is because I'm a sucker for portability.  I love products that you can just throw in your bag and not need anything else in order to use it (such as a brush).  Chantecaille's gorgeous little powder products that come in a brush are so convenient! Expensive, yes, but freaking convenient!  I'm just going to get straight into the products I'm obsessing over right now, so maybe you can start obsessing over them too.  Hehe!

$85 / $38 refills AUD
Chantecaille Poudre de Perle - Mineral Blush.  These powder blushes are teeny tiny and housed in such a cute yet glamorous and convenient refillable brush.  While the shade range is not huge (as with much of the Chantecaille range), the Biwa shade promises to be universally flattering (much like the NARS Orgasm blush).  I want this because it's definitely something that you can just throw in your bag and touch up throughout the day, without the need to carry a blush brush with you.  I find that I need to reapply blush after a few hours but because I hate the thought of carrying a brush in my handbag, I just go without and tend to look washed out by the end of the day or night.  This would solve my blush dilemma!  Plus it's paraben and talc free.

$49 AUD
Chantecaille Gel Liner Pencil.  This product comes in two shades, black and grey.  It's a shame those are the only colours it has, but as long as black is in the picture, I'm happy.  As mentioned earlier, I'm hopeless with applying gel liner with a brush, so I stick with pencil liners simply because I can apply it better.  This gel liner pencil is exactly what it sounds like: a gel liner in pencil form.  It claims to be long wearing, too.  I imagine that applying this would be a breeze.  If you wanted to smudge it out, the angled brush at the end would come in handy.

$110 / $50 refills AUD
Chantecaille Protection Naturelle Powder. About a week ago, I would never have considered this.  Simply because the only shades they have are light and bronze.  I fell somewhere in between.  However, after my frolic in the sun during the long weekend, I have now become a few shades darker which means that bronze would suit me beautifully.  This is "sun protection on the go", but would work beautifully as a mineral powder foundation.  I have actually swatched both shades on my hands and my skin looked really luminous and perfect (besides the colour mis-match).  The refillable flow-through brush applicator is so dainty and elegant, even if the shade didn't match me I would buy it anyway and use it up, then just refill with my own mineral powder! Perfect travel companion.

$105 AUD
Chantecaille Future Skin oil free foundation. Ok, so I don't quite agree with foundation in a pot.  But the reviews are mostly rave and it sounds like my dream foundation: natural looking and not heavy on the skin, with reasonable coverage.  I dislike foundations that you can constantly feel (I'm looking at you, M.A.C.)!  In fact, I dislike foundation in general and often go without or wear it very sheer because I prefer the real skin look.  If this foundation is as wonderful as it sounds, my NARS Sheer Glow may soon become my ex :)

$42 AUD
Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss. I hate lip gloss and lipsticks.  I don't own many, because I just don't use them.  (Lip balms, however, are my BFF and will remain so for the rest of my life!)  Apparently, these glosses are very sheer (just the way I like them!) and feel really good on the lips.  I have my eyes on two shades, Glee and Patina.  The other shades look boring to me, and probably would not suit my skin tone.  I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on these and try them out for myself!  Even though I haven't tried it yet, I'm already in love with the colour and the packaging!

$39 AUD
Chanel Le Vernis nail colour in #519 Rose Exuberant.  I love pink nail polish.  This shade looks like the ideal pink for me: dark, shocking and shiny. Toes or fingers, it wouldn't really matter, I have seen swatches of this and I have drooled each time.

$39 AUD
Chanel Le Vernis nail colour in #489 Rose Insolent. Again, a lovely pink shade that I find myself drooling over.  I am a fan of Chanel polishes and I love pinks, so this needs to be in my beauty cabinet already!  It is similar to one of my favourite pink shades by O.P.I (Shorts Story).  However, it's Chanel so that makes it a little bit more fancy :)

$98 AUD
Chanel Teint Innocence naturally luminous compact makeup SPF 15. I don't wear foundation much during the day, but I probably would if I owned this product.  It sounds like a dream to apply and would give me the look that I prefer when it comes to foundation: natural and luminous.  This is something you could throw in your bag and touch up throughout the day without the need for a brush.  According to most reviews, it also feels like nothing on the skin so it sounds like a winner to me! 

These products are all currently on my wish list and I plan to own each of them by the end of my birthday month (March) this year.  All the photos are from the Mecca Cosmetica or Chanel website.  You can find these products in stores now (Chanel at Chanel counters and makeup stores, or Chantecaille at Mecca Cosmetica)... but not for long because I'm about to go hoard them all! *evil laugh*


  1. Haha I don't own much from Chanel or anything from Chantecaille, but I totally get the sentiment of this post! I do this a lot with lipsticks, particularly ones in weird colours designed for layering. I dreamt up soo many lip combos I could use MAC Eloquent Air for :)

  2. I am generally not a makeup person that much. i have a few bits and pieces to get me by - same look all the time. Then I discovered chantecaille and I am hunting down some oneline discounts big time. OMG that sheep lipstick is fabulous. BUT I'm gonna wait and not pay the full retail which is good for Angelina, not good for me!

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