Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flattering Tops for Spring

Spring is nearly here, and I have found the perfect tops to flaunt around in!  If you are anything like me, then you like to hide your baby beer belly from the world and pretend you have washboard abs. If you think I have a flat tummy, well, no.  I don't.  It's all a lie.  The tops I chose hide my flab very well.  I've had two kids, so I can promise you that I do not have a supermodel body (but oh, how I wish!)

All the tops are from Guess.  I purchased them last Monday, so most of the items should still be available, although the one pictured left was a sale item so there may be none left.  I picked them out after trying them on and seeing how they flattered my body.  On the rack, they don't look great.  In fact, they look like an ugly mass of material.  But once draped on the body, you can see the style and they are also great for the warmer seasons as they are light, airy and cute!  Can you guess what my favourite colour is?!

Approx $70 or $80 (I forgot!)

Approx $80

On sale for just $35 AUD
All these tops would would go well with denim shorts (as pictured), jeans (either light wash or dark wash, skinny legs, bootleg, whatever!) and even a cute denim skirt (the shorter, the better).  Wedges would pull the look together and truly make it a spring time outfit.  Guess have a lot of cute tops out right now, all perfect for spring/summer.  I wish I could rob a Guess store!  They are one of my all time favourite brands.

I also bought a plain black dress which was on sale.  It's nothing special, just a cute LBD.  I have so many LBDs already but none with a strap like this one (which can be worn either over the back or over the chest):
On sale for $120 AUD
So, yeah... Guess what I'll be wearing this spring?!


  1. you look stunning!

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