Friday, August 19, 2011

Addicted 2 Lip Balm Order

In a previous post, I wrote about discovering a new website that I was extremely excited about:  I am the kind of person that cannot leave the house without lip balm.  I have them scattered everywhere all over the house and about two or three in my handbag at any given time.  If I find myself in a situation where I don't have any on me, I will make it a priority to get to the nearest store to buy myself one.

Yes.  I need  lip balm!  I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with them, because to me they're just a normal part of my life, such as breathing.  It's just a given that I'll use it.  I've been using them since I was a child, when my mum took me to a doctor for my excessively dry lips (I think I actually had some kind of viral infection that required medicated lip balm, but I can't remember).  I used to just apply Vaseline on my lips to keep it moist, but it wasn't until I started high school that I began to use flavoured lip balm.  Remember Bonne Bell?!  I had a tin full of them, my collection was quite impressive!

My experience with the addicted2lipbalm website has been positive so far.  It's very easy to navigate and has a huge assortment of glosses, balms, scrubs and all lip things.  They offer free shipping in Australia for orders over $50 and they also have a loyalty reward program.  If it's your first purchase, you're also entitled to 10% off!  I love free shipping, I love loyalty programs, I love saving and most importantly, I love lip balms!  So the moment I first laid eyes on their website, I knew I was going to order a bunch of products.

The most exciting thing about addicted2lipbalm is that they stock brands that you wouldn't be able to find at your local chemist or Woolies.  I have seen good reviews on the EOS smooth sphere lip balms and always wanted to try them, but didn't really know where I could find them.  Problem solved... I've found them!  In true lip balm fanatic style, I ordered the 6 pack containing all the flavours.  I cannot wait to try them out!

Here's a screenshot of part of my order receipt:

I had a really hard time picking only a few to try out.  I'm into anything fruity or coconutty, and it has to be natural and organic.  I don't like to use petroleum on my lips (it's basically the excess of crude oil, eww).  I did order one product that wasn't listed under the organic range, and that was the limited edition lip scrub by Sara Happ.  Hello!  It's pink and it's limited edition.  Therefore I have to have it!  I don't mind that it's not organic as it gets washed off in an instant anyway.

I am really looking forward  to receiving my order.  As soon as it arrives, I will post my haul and review some of the products.  Watch out for it!


  1. I love A2LB, Leah is lovely and she has so many amazing products. You ordered some great balms, I'll be interested to hear what you think of them all when they arrive.

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