Friday, July 24, 2009

Orange and Pink

This is kind of a weird look for me to do as I never really wear colour, but here it is: orange and pink. It's actually quite subtle, so I do like it.

Horray, I have the internet back! I'm so excited. I have been quite bored without it. To pass time I've been re-watching The Hills and The Girls Next Door dvds, and reading make up books. Now that I have the net back I can browse, read blogs and blog myself. Yay!


  1. Nicee blog. Glad your's internet is back on! I'm following you, please return the favor.

  2. oh internet is back yeey for u! i love re-watching the hills too when i'm bored :D good times!

  3. hey how are you hot mama?! welcome back .. we missed you hihi :)

  4. Hey, diggin ur blog
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    Follow me I follow u

  5. Hi hun~ Glad to hear your internet is back. =) The makup is light and subtle like u said. I don't know if I can pull those two colors together esp. orange.

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