Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation

I've been needing a decent foundation for a long time and I finally went out and got myself the Mac Studio Sculpt foundation. I've heard great things about the Mac Studio Fix Fluid but I didn't want something matte, I wanted a glow to my skin so I decided on the Sculpt. I'm not sure how much it cost because I also bought some brush cleanser, concealer and powder. All together is was about $155 (AUD).

So far I've only tried it with one brush, the Mac 109. I want to try it with a 190 next, but I don't have that brush. But anyway. The foundation went on fine and it wasn't hard to blend, it gave me a medium coverage and actually looked really natural, like real skin. It wasn't overly shiny, it gave me a nice dewy natural look. Kinda like I had a natural glow about me. I used Mac Studio Fix powder over it which looked ok, but I think it made me look too made up. So I want to try the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural next.

I really like the Stuid Sculpt, it is a lot better than the Revlon that I was using. I wouldn't wear it for everyday, though. Just special occasions. I might wear just the Studio Fix powder as a daily go to look. So all in all, I'm very happy with my purchase and I would recommend the Studio Sculpt for anyone who wants a natural, dewy look.

Oh btw, excuse my hair in this photo, it was a spur of the moment shot and I didn't think to fix my hair. Yes I walk around with frazzled looking mum hair because that's what I am, a frazzled mum! In the photo I'm wearing Mac Studio Sculpt, Mac Studio Fix powder, Dior blush/illuminiser and YSL eyeshadow, as well as false lashes. Nothing on my lips!


  1. Cool, I'm glad that you're satisfied with the purchases!

  2. Your skin looks naturally flawless; the finish does look nice and natural. I wish my natural lip color was as nice as yours...mine are more pinky/reddish.


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