Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Braces Are Coming Off!

I'm so excited, I just got back from an orthodontic appointment and I'm told that my braces can come off on the 15th of December. Yay! I've been wearing braces since January 2008, it has been just under two years since I got them on. In the beginning they used to hurt so much everytime I got an adjustment and I wouldn't be able to eat for days, but now when I get adjustments they don't bother me as much.

It's kind of ironic, my sister is going to be getting braces on the 8th of December, and I'm getting mine off soon after! It would've been nice if we'd had them on at the same time. I'm really looking forward to seeing what I look like without braces. It seems like I've had them forever! I got braces to fix my overcrowding problem and I never had them in my teens. Now my teeth are straight and I'm looking forward to flossing without wires in the way!

Here's a pic of me with braces, I usually don't smile in pics because of them but in this one you can see the wires. I wear clear on the top and regular metal on the bottom. My friend Khem on the left also wears braces. Horray for not being the only adult in braces!


  1. i got mine off just maybe half an hour ago and using retainer now and i sound retarded when i talk
    cant wait to see ur result!hehe

  2. yay!! that's awesome ur braces are coming off. Look forward to more pics of u w/o braces girl. =)
    Have a lovely weekend. =)

  3. Hey, congratulations! I had adult braces last year to close up a gap and it worked beautifully. I too, had braces at the same time as my 15-year-old daughter and it was amusing to say the least. Regarding the retainer, yes, it's a bother to speak with it at first, but it gets better and it's so much easier to floss. Also, I've vowed to wear it at night forever, so no more gaps happen (I had braces as a teen).

  4. awww congrats :) i had braces on for almost 3 years... had them through my last 2 years of highschool and 1st semester of uni.

    back then i felt like i was the only one in the world who had braces in uni... im soooo happy now though as the results are soooo worth it!

    i remember the first time i got it off, i went to bite into an apple (even though my ortho told me not to... buuut i was too excited lol)


  5. YAY!!! congratz on getting your braces off soon!! I've been dinking about getting Invisilign but its a really pricey alternative to braces.

  6. RIN i gave i nominate u for a award. yay i got my 1st one lol

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