Saturday, April 24, 2010

Breast Implants... Should I?

I've always wanted bigger breasts but never really thought about it seriously. I always said that if I were to get breast implants, I'd wait until after I had kids. So now I've had my kids, who were both breastfed, and now that I'm totally lacking in the breast department, it's time to give it some serious thought.

Pros: you can wear a bikini with confidence, you'll fill out your tops better, you'll have more shape and confidence. Cons: cost, having to go through surgery. Hmmm! I'm sure there are more pros and cons, I just can't be bothered typing them in.

I guess I've already made the decision to get them done, my only major hurdle now is money, finding a good surgeon and actually setting up a consultation. The reason why I want them done is because I breastfed my first son for two years and four months, and my second son is turning two at the end of June and I'm still breastfeeding him. Suffice to say, my boobs are somewhat non-existent. I'm very self concious of the fact that I no longer have a bust. Push up bras are my best friend. But there are certain tops I have that no matter what, you still look as flat as a surf board. I know my confidence will improve a great deal if I had a chest to speak of!

I'm very envious of girls who have a nice bust. I believe that I deserve to feel confident, so I will be getting mine done. I just need to do my research and get my hands on some cash. Although I must admit, cash won't really be a problem as my bf said he'd pay for them (lucky me)! But I will pay him back, so I'll need to eventually get a job. But for now, my focus is on finding a good surgeon and getting the process started.

Sorry this post is a little messy, I'm just writing it for my own benefit. I guess this is my way of getting the ball rolling! I will update on later developements :-)


  1. good luck, what size you want them be?


  2. Hey, do what makes you feel good about yourself, right? As long as you're happy and can live with yourself at the end of the day! =)

    Consider it a gift for being such a good mommy! I am curious, though. What size would you consider getting?

  3. Thanks Sherry!

    Glitteryeyesxx, I think I would go for a C cup. I used to be a B cup but after breastfeeding, I don't fill it out anymore! So I'd go for either a large C or a small D. I'm a pretty big boned girl and I'm not short. but it depends on what the doc says, of course!

  4. I say no , because embrace the natural you and be happy with it . there are also exercises out on youtube to enhance the bust .


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