Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clinique Super Rescue Review & Possible Giveaway?

Clinique Super Rescue antioxidant night moisturiser for dry/combination (skin type 2)
Last year, most of my skincare products were from Clinique.  But the stand out product for me was the Super Rescue antioxidant night moisturiser.  I have normal skin, and decided to get a hydrating moisturiser because it was for night time use and I wanted to make sure my skin would be well hydrated upon waking.  Clinique certainly delivered it in this delightfully rich night cream!

What it is: This is a moisturiser designed for night time use, to supplement the Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System. It contains antioxidants to fight free radicals that are brought about by stress, sun and pollution in our daily life.  It claims to prevent the visible signs of aging as well as keeping your skin strong.  In Australia, the Clinique Super Rescue antioxidant night moisturiser retails for $90 AUD (50ml) and can be found in major department stores, some pharmacies, and can also be ordered online.

How I used it: I cleanse my face using the Clinique liquid facial soup (for skin type 2).  I skip the toner, as I don't want to use alcohol on my face.  I apply one and a half pumps of the Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion or gel (depending on how my skin was that day.  I used the gel more often because I liked the texture better).  After all that, I would then apply a tiny amount of the Super Rescue night moisturiser (about two thirds the size of a five cent coin) all over my face and neck just before bed.

My opinion of the product This night moisturiser is by far one of the best I have tried.  I still have a full tube and I intend to go back to it after I have my skin patch test done (to check for allergies).  Even though it is far from a natural product, it keeps my skin well hydrated and looking smooth and supple.  I like the idea of antioxidants in a facial cream, because it fights the daily bombardment of free radicals I am exposed to in daily life.  The moisturiser smells pleasant and is very easy to spread on the skin.  The only issue with this product is that it leaves my face looking quite shiny, although I don't really mind as nobody sees me when I'm sleeping anyway!

My tube of Super Rescue is almost all out, luckily I have a backup ready :) But too bad I won't be able to use it until I get my patch test done :(

The moisturiser is thick and has a yellowish appearance, but is easy to apply and goes on clear.
I purchased this product myself from a Clinique counter in Myer last year (have they lowered their prices?  I could've sworn it cost me $99!) and have found it to be a wonderfully hydrating night cream that kept my skin looking very supple and fresh.  I loved it so much, I received another box as a gift for my birthday in March this year (from family) but have not used it as I started getting into natural products.  I don't want this product to go to waste (it will be awhile before I get my patch test done) so I was thinking of having a giveaway.  If anyone would be interested in trying out this product, let me know and I will hold a giveaway.  If not many people are interested, I might just give it away to someone who really wants to try it (not sure if I can send internationally so it may end up being for only those within Australia).  And if nobody is interested, I guess I will just keep this for myself to use sometime next year.  So, hands up all those who would like to give this a try!


  1. thanks for the review...i've been meaning to change up my routine and was thinking about this line. I think I might give it a go! =)

  2. Great review, I'd be interested in trying it.

  3. i would love to try it, i am always bombarded with free radicals, and I love clinique products!

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