Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Melbourne Central VIP Haul - Summer Tops

The fruits of my spoil today at the Melbourne Central shopping festival. All items purchased were 25% off from Guess and 20% off from Superdry. I intended to buy just one top that I was waiting for to go on sale but of course, once you pop, you can't stop ;)

GUESS Hot Legs swing tank - AUD $49.95

GUESS Asymmetrical Sharkbite tank - AUD $69.95

GUESS Instinct tee - AUD $49.95

GUESS Printed Snake Top camisole (coral multi) - AUD $49.95

SUPERDRY Grey Cross Stitch crop cami - AUD $44.95

SUPERDRY Blue Cross Stitch crop cami - AUD $44.95

GUESS  Military Denim crop top (rockdale wash) - AUD $ 99.95


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