Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Colour Tag: Green

I've been tagged by Anne to do this fun colour tag. What you have to do is find 7 items of the colour they pick. Anne choose green, so here are my 7 green items!

My green hand towel that I used to dry my make up brushes on. It's a soft, pale green so you can't really tell, but I assure you it's green!

Tea tree oil blotting paper by The Body Shop. My saviour when I'm out and a little slicked up.

A green hair brush and comb set I've had since my first son was born... over 7 years ago! And I still use it to brush his hair, and even my other son's hair!

A pretty bikini top that I bought a few years ago... I don't wear this anymore because I lost the bottoms but I still keep it in storage. Just in case I want to mix and match.

My green eyeshadow palette by YSL.

Green make up bags I got free with a purchase from Estee Lauder. It had sample size stuff in there.

Kids nightlight we got in a set of 2. The other one is blue. They were so expensive! And we don't even use them anymore...

So those are my green items. I thought it'd be hard finding green stuff in the house but it managed to find them all in the space of 5 minutes. I think I'm meant to tag others, but I've seen this tag floating around and it seems everyone's done it! So I'm not tagging anyone. But if you want to do it, I tag you! And the colour I pick is... PINK! My fav colour!


  1. THanks for stopping by my blog and suggesting i put up the follower tag on the side bar =) please follow i love your blog! follow u know..

  2. totally unrelated to this post buuut it finally occurred to me that youre a mommy to not 1 but 2 kids! that is crazy... you have such a gorgeous body!! i read your profile before and i know you mentioned you have two boys there buuut it just never connected with me lol... yahhh im slow hahha.

    anddd yayyy to green stuff! that night light is soo cute! i never understood why people slept with nightlights before since i like to sleep in the dark buuut after watching paranormal activity, i now sleep with a nightlight lol


  3. that pallette looks great! and I love that you're using the same brush for your kids for so long haha!


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