Friday, November 13, 2009

OPI On The Same Paige

This is from the OPI BrightPair collection, and to be honest, I'm just not loving it. It says that it's an orange-red, but to me it just looks orange. Only in certain lighting does it appear the slightest bit red. I don't really wear bright nail polish so this orange colour is very... well, colourful for me, but it's good for summer. Adds a pop of colour to your outfit!

This is a good colour for toes. I wouldn't recommend it for your nails, unless you specifically need orange. Great to wear with sandals. Yes, I know. I have ugly toes. And yes, I know. I have hairs on my toes. So gross. Am I the only girl that plucks hairs from her toes? I don't even think I should be posting this! LOL. Oh well.


  1. Same here, not too fond of the color...I shouldn't admit this...but I shave mines =/ (There's a smalllll pic of my big toe on my sephora haul entry, lol)

  2. I mainly like soft shades on my nails and toes, I've just bought the fairytale bridal set from opi. love it!


  3. i LOL'd @ "am I the only girl that plucks hairs from her toes" haha.
    i have reaaally fine hair on my toes... it's normal sooo you shouldn't even bother plucking them :P

    i stick to neutral/basic/plum colours when it comes to nail polishes too :)


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