Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guess What I Got!

So I got two new tops from... can you guess where? Guess! Of course. I have a thing for Guess clothing. They make the best casual yet dressy tops. I got both the black tops for 25% off, and the dress I bought a few weeks earlier. When I see something I like from the store, I freak out and feel like I have to buy it because it'll be gone the next time I go there. It's happened once before, so I've learnt my lesson. You see something you like, you buy it then and there! Or lay-by it, at least.

So I went there today and got the two black tops. I also saw some hot shorts that I really like, but I need to try them on to see what they look like. I had my son with me so I couldn't, but it's on my to do list for next Tuesday (my one day off being a full-time mother)! I can't wait! If the shorts look good on me, then it's going on lay-by along with another halter top and maybe a summer cardi. I wish I were made of money! Then I woudn't have to lay-by.

I need to lose some weight to have the dress look good on me. Pot belly is never attractive. Since summer's around the corner, I really need to watch what I eat and get more active. It's harder than it sounds, believe me. Especially if you're a glutton and luurve chocolate! Hehe.


  1. You look gorgeous girl~ the tops look amazing on you!!

  2. Guess is one of my fav. shops.

  3. cute dress and black top ..very sexy

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