Monday, October 26, 2009

O.P.I Shorts Story (From the BrightPair Mini Collection)

Awhile ago I bought myself a cute 4 pack mini collection of O.P.I nail polishes in the Brights collection. Well, technically, just 3 colours and 1 clear. Yesterday I had a chance to try out one of the colours: Shorts Story which is a hot pink. My model is the gorgeous Aliya, who is 4 and is a family friend's daughter. She's wearing just one coat. She chose pink because it's her favourite colour.

The other colours that come in the collection is A Grape Fill (rich purple), Shorts Story (hot pink), On The Same Paige (orange-red) and the O.P.I RapiDry top coat.

I've been dying to try out the purple. I will be using it for the first time this coming weekend. I'm going to wear the purple on my nails and either the orange or the pink on my toe nails. Well, that's the plan anyway. Lately I haven't had much time to play with my nails. They keep breaking, so I have to cut them really short... so ugly! I've been neglecting my nails lately. Hopefully I get to dress them up a little for the weekend.


  1. oooh i like the milkiness of the pink :) anddd your nail model is adorable!!

    i dont own any opi nail polishes (i live near a sally's andd they only stock china glaze ^^) buuut i do adore the names. theyre soo witty!

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