Friday, October 16, 2009

Proud New Owner of Hot Pumps!

Oh my golly gosh. I am in love with my new shoes. They're from Aldo, and I bought them for $209 AUD. I absolutely cannot wait to wear them out. There's just one problem. My partner doesn't know about this new purchase of mine (or any recent purchase, for that matter)! He doesn't like me spending my money on "frivolous" sh*t, as he puts it. But c'mon. Shoes are a necessity!

Try telling him that! I suppose he's got a point though. I don't work, I'm a stay at home mum. He's the bread winner in this family. So really, he does have a right to tell me where the money goes. But when I see something I like, I just have to have it! I obsess over it and even dream about it. It doesn't stop until I get the item I so badly want. So there's only one way to stop obsessing over it, and that's to add the item to my collection.

I have a whole collection of dresses and shoes I haven't worn, simply because I see them and I tell myself I cannot be without them. What if I go to a party that has a red only dress code? What if bubble dresses come back in fashion? What if I get invited to P.Diddy's famous white only bash? (Dream on, Rin!) There's so many events that I could potentially be attending, and it's best if I have the right outfit for it so I don't need to do the whole last minute rush thing.

So these new shoes I got are perfect for a night out wearing a little black dress. Or even dressed down with jeans and a sexy top for a dinner or something similar. I cannot wait to wear them. I just need to know how to tell my partner about this new love of my life. I'm sure he'll love them once they're on me. He just won't like how I acquired them! Oh dear... what to do?!


  1. RIIN!!! u freak! i didnt think u needed any shoes. I mean there was no room left in Tony's room because ur boxes of shoes took over!!(yes ive seen ur obsession girl!!) But very niiice buy = D

  2. whoaaa killer heels!! i loooove the pattern on it ... it's crazy how much they cost though ^^
    btw, im your 80th follower :) i can't stop reading your blog!! hehe

  3. oh well...who cares about space and stuff...!:P
    We are talking shoes here!And may I say : super cute and sexy shoes. It is hard not to obsess over shoes like that!Enjoy your purchase!:)

  4. those shoes are super gorgeous ! love the killer heels.. wish i could pull of something like that.. or at least remotely have the funds for it haha.

  5. lmaooo yess i know what you mean, if i dont have something i want ill obsess over it! I work, but i know that money needs to be saved but i walk into a store to "look" & end up leaving with bags... dont you just love being a girl.


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