Friday, January 13, 2012

Information on Breast Augmentation

The decision of whether or not to undergo breast augmentation is one that involves careful consideration of a number of different factors. Truly, this procedure is unlike any other sort of self-beautification, in that it entails making a permanent change through surgical methods that, in some cases, can be quite invasive and slightly uncomfortable. For these reasons, it is extremely necessary to do thorough research before making the decision to undergo surgery to alter your breasts. Much of this research can be done online and through consultations with your surgeon. However, here are a few facts and answers to help get you started.

- Choosing what size you would like to move up to is one of the most important steps, in that it will guide the rest of your decisions to a great extent. Fortunately, there are a number of tools and technologies available to help you make this decision. To begin with, there are extensive photo libraries that indicate before and after breast augmentation changes in all kinds of women choosing all different sizes. Additionally, there is computer software that many surgeons possess that can allow you to see, essentially, a digital preview of what the changes you are making will look like. These tools can allow you to be as certain as possible about the size of the implants that you would like.

- Another major decision that you will have to make is which sort of incision your surgeon will make. In some cases, this may not be up to you as the patient. However, often enough, you should be able to have some say over the incision. There are four main types of incisions for breast implants, and each of them occurs at a different entry point on the body. The Periareolar incision is made along the rim of the areola; the Inframammary incision occurs at the crease on the underside of the breast; the Transaxillary incision is made at the armpit; and, the Transumbilical incision is made through the belly button. There are pros and cons to each incision, and they are well worth researching before you make your decision.

- You may have also heard some information regarding the differences between saline and silicone implants. These are by far the most popular types of breast implants, and while both have proven to be effective, there are defined differences between them. Silicone implants use a gel, and have in recent years been proven to be safe and non-toxic (whereas they were once rather controversial, and frequently caused discomfort). Saline implants use saltwater solutions, and are generally less likely to cause discomfort or other problems. However, the majority of women prefer the silicone implants from an aesthetic standpoint. 

These are just a few of the more common factors to consider leading up to your decision of whether or not to undergo breast augmentation. However, making decisions with regard to these factors can help you to have a better idea of what your procedure will be like moving forward. With careful research and consideration, you ought to be able to design a surgery that will suit your needs and desires perfectly.

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