Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trials and Tribulations of a Wedding Guest + Possible Outfits

Exactly one month from now, I will be attending an asian wedding reception. This is a big deal to me, as I rarely get invited to anything (be it family BBQs, weddings, hen's night etc).  I suppose that has something to do with me being the black sheep of the family, which really deserves its own post.  But anyway, back to this wedding... 

If I were a celebrity, this family friend's wedding would be the equivalent of being invited to attend a major award show, such as the Golden Globe Awards or the Grammys (Grammies?).  Weeks in advance I would work on my body, losing weight so I can look hot in the outfit that I planned and picked out well before the event. My nails would be trimmed ahead of time, so that they'll have enough time to grow to the perfect length on the night.  Manicure and pedicure would follow.  My skin would be buffed and polished to as near perfection as possible.  Peach fuzz will be tackled, hair coiffed meticulously.

I suppose for the average person, a wedding reception is just like a night out: you decide on an outfit a few days beforehand and you do your hair and makeup on the night.  For the average Jolene, it's a great night to eat, socialise and look pretty.  For me?  It's a big fucking deal. Attending an asian wedding reception further compounds this as in my experience I find that asians tend to be very judgemental.  High regard is given to those with the most expensive car, the more exclusive brands of attire, whichever high end logo your clutch embodies.  Failing that, they judge you for your looks.

In the next coming weeks you will see many "getting ready for the wedding" related posts.  This is just the first of many.  Before what I deem a "major event", I like to plan it all out.  Since I won't be rocking up in a Porche or wearing high end couture, I will have to work on ME.  I know that in order to feel good about myself at this wedding, I need other people to look at me and be impressed with what they see.

Yes, I'm superficial.

Let's be real.  If I don't feel good about myself on the night, I will have a shit time.  I'll avoid talking to people. I'll try to sit in the dark, far off corner so no one can see me.  Is that how I want to remembered?  Something akin to a shadow?  Hell no!  I want to have a good time like everyone else!  And in order to achieve that, I need to look great.

Possible outfits that will make me feel great
Before I can decide on how to fix myself up for the night, I need to know what I'm going to wear.  Here are a few possible outfits I'm thinking of.  All the styles are similar.  That is because I already own one of the dresses featured (just in a different colour) and I like how it looks on me.  All the dresses are from Pilgrim and all the shoes are from ZU.  I prefer ZU shoes because most of their styles are more comfy than others that are of similar style but from a different store.
Outfit #1
Pilgrim dress: direct link
Zu shoes: direct link

Outfit #2
Pilgrim dress: direct link
Zu shoes: direct link

Outfit #3
Pilgrim dress: direct link
Zu shoes: direct link

Outfit #4
Pilgrim dress: direct link
Zu shoes: direct link
What do you think?  Do you like the look that I'm going for?  Is there a standout dress/shoe combo that you particularly admire?  Let me know so I can make a decision!


  1. Replies
    1. I love all of them but I would definitely say outfit 2.
      You can't go wrong with red when wanting to make a good impression :)


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