Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Friday Night + Glasses FOTN


I no longer have anymore pairs of contacts to wear, so I have been wearing glasses.  I hate wearing glasses on top of makeup, but last night I was forced to do so for my dinner date.  I kept my makeup extremely light.  I also had only half an hour to get ready, so I very rushed for time.  In the 30 minutes I had, I needed to do my makeup AND hair!

Obviously, my hair wasn't looking too hot but I liked how my makeup looked: very natural.  I didn't bother with any primers, I just slapped on NARS sheer glow foundation with a damp sponge, brushed NARS deep throat blush on my cheeks then quickly did my eyes (using NARS pandora + Lancome e/s).  Of course, I couldn't find my favourite black eyeliner so I just used the black e/s from the NARS palette to line my upper and lower lash line.  Then I curled my lashes and applied Benefit Bad Gal mascara.  I wish I had had the time to apply false lashes, I would've felt much better about my eyes.  I didn't bother with any lip product, as I was going to be eating anyway.

I had a great night.  I had dinner at the Lobster Cave.  I ordered my usual pork belly dish and had a few glasses of... well, some kind of pink wine.  I always forget the name!  But, according to my date, it tastes like "lolly water".  Ha, I guess that's why I like it!

I have a headache (I'm writing this on Saturday at 12pm but am scheduling it to post on Sunday morning).  I can't really stand to look at my computer screen anymore, so I'll just finish off with some photos from the night.

We got seated next to the wall.  This was my view!

My yummy pork belly.  Oink oink!  Picture does not do it justice.

Been here several times but never noticed that the toilet had a chandelier!

Cam whoring in the toilets of Lobster Cave.

Cam whoring at home!  How to turn a boring outfit sexy: hitch it up and take off your pants. Haha I was a little intoxicated. 


  1. :O You're really not wearing any lip colour? The first thing I noticed about the look was the lips and was like 'ooooh I wonder what that lipstick is'

  2. I had done a lip scrub in the shower then put on Kora organics lip balm, I think that's why my lips looked really pink :) I rarely wear lip colour, as I'm always too lazy to reapply.

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