Sunday, June 21, 2009


I went out today to the Nike warehouse on Smith Street and bought two hoodies. I love hoodies, they're so comfy and cover your body up, which is good for when you're having a fat day. Lately I've been having lots of fat days, even though I'm on a "diet". So I got a white hooded jumper and a navy blue zip hoodie, it didn't cost too much and I absolutely LOVE it! I have a feeling they'll get more wear than my Burberry trench coat this winter, which I kinda feel guilty about as I was bugging the bf to get it for me for my birthday. Isn't it ironic that I'll be wearing a $50 hoodie more than I'll be wearing a $2000 jacket?

Remember those ugly red pimple spots I was talking about on my face? I bought some bio-oil for it, I hope it works! I have noticed my skin is clearing up but the spots are still there which I think looks gross. My period finished a while ago and my face is breaking out less, so I'm guessing the acne is definately due to hormones. I might also use the bio-oil for my stretchmarks from pregnancy, if I can remember to apply it twice daily!

As for my diet, well... It's not really going that great, I haven't been sticking to it. I've had dessert after most of my meals and I'm not eating any less. But I did hop on the scales today and I'm at 58kg (128lbs) so I've lost 2kgs... unless it's all just water. Which I suspect it is as I didn't drink much today! Hmm...

Anyway! Tomorrow I hope to play around with make up and take photos so I can enter some contests. I'm a stay at home mum so you'd think I have lots of time for stuff like that, but between feeding Dante and cleaning the house and keeping him entertained, it is just hard to find the time. I'm lucky if I get to pee alone! So hopefully I'll get some pics up tomorrow. If not, then you'll know I've been a busy mum!


  1. i agree, hoodies are great for fat days lol. I gained weight too. Its nothing too drastic but i noticed how my skinny jeans became difficult to put on and its annoying.

    Being on a diet is really difficult. Right now im on my period and I just want to eat anything. Also, It doesnt help when i come over friends' house coz their moms always wants to feed me and i find it very rude to say no to food ugh!

    well hang in there girlie. you can do it!

  2. ahh i hate diets! i always have to have my sweets after my lunch and dinner. lol. diets are super difficult!! ughhh

  3. Hi! thnx for stopping by my blog i love meeting new mommy bloggers =)

  4. i hear you on the not having time to yourself thing!, ppl think being a stay at home is easy, but they have no idea!!!!

    im currently on a "vegetarian" diet, i LOVE meat, but i decided i needed to be healthier for lily, i love sweets too, but i usually only eat them when someone else buys them for me, i dont really go out of my way to buy sweets for myself...

  5. haha well I think it's weird if someone dresses in all Burberry from head to toe.. kinda cheezy. its good to vary it up a bit!! I'm sure you look great and have fun taking some photos!

  6. hi Rin,
    anyways if u dont wear the trench coat .. then i will :D

  7. Hey there,
    just found your blog! I'm always excited to find other mummy bloggers. I'm a new follower. Come visit mine and hopefully follow too.



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