Friday, June 26, 2009

Paris Impersonation Contest Entry

Well, I've just entered myself in Pop Champagne's Paris Impersonation Contest. It was such a fun theme and I loved watching Paris in The Simple Life so how could I not? It wasn't easy finding the right pic, I didn't want to use anything too trashy so I decided on one of her Guess ads. I think it has a touch of class to it.

It was soo hard taking the actual picture! I had to use the self timer, and I only had ten seconds to run to the bed and adjust myself before the camera went off. Plus, I had my son playing in the room and he'd just get up and walk right in front of the camera... just as it was going off! LOL.

I also took a shot of my face to show you the make up I had on, which was basically a lot of eyeliner and a neutral eye and glossy pink lips, just like Paris in the photo. I was lucky I just happened to have a red dress... I've never worn that dress out before so I don't know why I bought it. I guess I knew I'd need it one day!

Anyway, enjoy the photos. Oh, and isn't it sad Michael Jackson has passed away? I loved him as a kid, I always wanted to meet him... and now I'll never get to. RIP MJ.


  1. omg you are damn sexy I luv your dress!

  2. You look SOO gorgeous! Love the red :)

    and oh my gosh you live in Australia? I'm super jealous, it looks sooo pretty there!! I really want to go there for a vacation!

  3. You look so exotic. I like it.

    Thanks for the support.

  4. hi Rin, thx for followong my blog. just wanted to stop in and check things out. following you too. hope to hear from you.

    i see you're a fellow mommy of boys! nice!

    also, the red dress looks hot on you!

  5. i love your dress! you look just like paris!!! good luck on the contest!

  6. wow i love it! and i love the red dress! good luck girl!

  7. aww babe you make a better Paris hehe

  8. ooooh hawt I love your pose!!! You did a great job even though your son was distracting you!

    You're sooo right, why is it that whenever we're dressed like a bum we ALWAYS bump into people, and not just any people, the people that would judge us for looking like a bum! Ugh, I also learned my lesson the hard way!

  9. hot sexy red dress and you too!

  10. *whistles* sexy lady :D

    Deng you did a great job running to the bed in 10 seconds and getting into that position? I would've done it and then realize I didn't click the button! (it's happened before LOL)

    I'm thinking of joining this too.. BUT haven't found a picture I liked yet so maybe not lol


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