Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eyeshadow

I love neutral tones, I've always been a fan of the "no makeup" look. When I came across the Revlon Beyond Natural cream to powder eyeshadow in Plumberry Prune I fell in love with the shades and couldn't wait to try it out.

This is a very lightly pigmented product so you need to use a bit if you want to see some colour. I suppose it's because it starts out as a "cream" product, which supposedly should turn to powder upon application. For me, I don't think it truly becomes a powder but the result is smooth and it's easly blended. It tends to crease though, so a primer is a must!

I like it enough. I wouldn't use it for night time though. It's strictly a day product for me. You get nice, good natural eyes with this, and the colour blends seemlessly into each other as well as compliment one another. In the photos it doesn't look like much and you can't really tell I'm wearing eyeshadow but I'm going to post them anyway! The last photo was taken with light.


  1. its a very soft and pretty look!

  2. Hey Girl this eyeshadow looks like something that I am interested in buying... Where did you get it from? Oh yeah, you look very pretty.... I am just starting this whole blogging thing... I am new!! haha.... Hope to talk to you soon...

    ~Mizz Lane~

  3. I like the soft look and you've lovely!

  4. These are really pretty colors...I might have to try them!

  5. aww thanks for that sweet comment, girl! u are beautiful! love your eyes, and ur skin looks so flawlessss ;] *following! =D

  6. new follower here! i'm a mom too like you and loves makeup :D you can subscribe/follow my blog too and also I would like u to join my blog give away! take care!

  7. Love this look. Very soft and beautiful!

  8. Wow. I never seen that product from Revlon yet. :) It looks lovely! Did you apply this while holding your child? Eyy wow! Super child.

    ~ Followed you ♥

  9. I lve the soft subtle look on you

    (p.s your so pretty)

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