Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beauty School Drop Out + My Skin Woes

How typical of me.  Before my Diploma of Beauty Therapy course even starts, I've had to drop out.  Not because I don't want to do it, but because I left it far too late to enroll and secure a spot.  Ladies & gentlemen, this is why you should never, ever procrastinate!

Luckily for me, I'll be able to enroll for the next course, which isn't too far away.  They start a new course every few months, so in that time I will be able to save up enough money to just pay for the course outright.  Plus, I was told that I wouldn't be allowed to get my regular wax or de-fuzz myself anywhere, because it would all be done at school in class.  Um... Don't shave in summer?  Does not compute!  There are two weeks in between classes, so people would've mistaken me for a man (if they don't already)!

I am still looking forward to studying beauty therapy, so I've already started learning by reading as much as I can (magazines & beauty blogs count, right?) The internet is a wealth of knowledge & I intend to utilise it!

Tomorrow I will start to write up my review for the Burt's Bees sugar scrub + body butter.  I usually use a product for at least a month (often a lot more) but I've been using the butter daily and the scrub every few days (my keratosis pilaris is hating me for it) and I have not had any adverse reactions and it doesn't look like things will change.

Speaking of which, my neck broke out from something (sunscreen? Perfume?) a few weeks ago (before Burt's Bees) and left a crazy scattering of dark red rashes all over my neck.  Remember the good old high school days when your boyfriend would give you hickies? (No, Rin... You never had a bf in high school?!)  Well, it looked like I had been getting it on with teenage boys who like to leave their mark on my neck.. 0_0  The rash didn't clear up with my trusty coconut oil, but to be fair, I was too impatient and gave it only a week before I got sick of the knowing looks from strangers and finally spoke to a pharmacist.

Anyway, my point is, I cleared the rash up with good old 1% hydrocortisone cream but that, in turn has now broken out my face.  Really badly.  Like, I look like I have a disease.  I have light, extremely dry spots on my face that even if I drown in oil, does not stay moist, therefore anything I apply (blush, liquid foundation, powder, heavy duty moisturiser etc) I can still see the discolouration and the dry spot... Wahhh!  My life is over!

Well, I hope you can understand why I don't want to post up photos.  I can't bear the thought of forever capturing the atrocity.  It's not exactly something I want to look back on... Anyway, I'm just rambling.  I just wanted to share my current beauty woes :(  I'm still smiling, though.  My kids keep me happy & sane (as unbelievable as that sounds, it's true!) So I'm off to watch them sleep now.  Goodnight xo


  1. Good luck with beauty school. :) You are doing something I TOTALLY want to do.

  2. Good luck with school and I hope your skin clears up =(

    ♥ Shia

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