Monday, October 10, 2011

Why I'll Never Love The Skin I'm In...

My thighs.  It's basically all over my lower legs too :(

Back of arms.  It's also kinda starting to appear on my forearms.  Argh!
I'm pretty sure the pictures will show you why I will never love the skin I'm in.  I have an unsightly, bumpy skin condition on almost all of my body.  Damn you keratosis pilaris!  I will post about it more later, but for now, look at the pictures and feel sorry for me.  Because I sure do :(  I'll never feel confident about myself, no matter how good I look, because my skin will never be pretty.  Pretty, smooth skin is what makes a girl.  Men often say they love how a woman's skin looks and feels.  This is why I don't want to get with any man.  Anyway.  I'm just feeling rather depressed at the moment, so this is a fitting post.  If you don't know what KP is, I will be writing in depth about it at a later date, and tell you the things I have tried to get rid of it.  *sigh*  Goodnight!


  1. I don't know what it's like to have that condition. I know that I have a skin condition myself, but it's completely different. The Dr. only tells me to take Benadryl. Sometimes it'll be so bad that it's all over my entire body and I get embarrassed to walk out in public unless I'm covered. I can relate to how uncomfortable not having good skin can be

  2. I know how you feel! I have so many horrible (yet only superficial) problems with myself that I often have those moments of "why me?!!!"...

    I have KP, but only on my upper arms, and found the most success when I had a salt rub and wrap at a day spa... Since then I have also purchased a Clarisonic with the body brush to help with exfoliation- see how that goes :)

  3. I have the same KP issue- and it stinks!! There is really nothing you can do about it except shower, exfoliate, and moisturize like crazy!! I just wear lots of makeup to keep people's attention on my face and not my arms-ha! I am a new follower and would love for you to check out my site and follow back if you get a chance. I consider myself a mommy with a makeup problem...

  4. I have the same problems as you. And sometimes some of them are blackheads...sometimes ingrowns...

    But I cant be assed moisturising or exfoliating daily so bleh

  5. sorry to hear =)

    ♥ Shia

  6. I have that too! I just wrote a post about it actually so this is a big coincidence. It's kind of a relief to know I'm not alone.

    Though it's improved it'll never be 100% gone. It's starting to creep down my forearms and appear on my thighs. When I was younger I had some on my neck! I'll come back and see what you've written about it in more detail. KP girls should stick together!


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