Sunday, October 2, 2011

Date Night: Mixed Animal Print

Check out what I was planning to wear on a date. Here I was, all ready to go, all I had to do was put on some make up (I was planning for a smokey neutral eye with deep red/plum lips). At the last minute, it got cancelled because my mum (aka "babysitter") had a wedding to go to and I had completely forgotten. That sure taught me not to take her for granted! *sobs* Speaking of weddings, marriage is something I'm guessing I will never experience for myself... *triple sob*

Oh well! Such is life. I ended up going to the local pub with my boys for fish & chips. Of course I got changed into tracky daks, the regular attire one would wear to a pub. I didn't want old men staring at me! Let's face it, my skirt might as well have been a belt. I have terrible legs and possibly cellulite (I haven't dared look in years) but I still insist on wearing skirts that barely cover my butt cheek. Yep, I'm one of those... So why do I do it? Well, for some reason mid length or long skirts don't suit my frame. So the shorter the skirt, the better proportioned I look. Go figure!

Anyway, my point is, was my date night outfit trashy? I kinda feel like it was, but if you saw some of my past outfits from when I was younger, I have actually gotten heaps classier. I had a really skanky fashion sense back then (daddy issues, no doubt!) so I think I've improved heaps... right? *nervous grin*

If you have a lookbook account, fashion (and/or beauty) blog or a fashion (and/or beauty) channel on YouTube, please let me know about it as I love anything to do with fashion (and beauty)! Wishing you all a great weekend :)


  1. I'm happy that someone else dresses differently at the Pub too. I always have to triple check what I'm wearing there... and what's with the creepy old guy that's sitting at the bar in every single Pub I go to... I'm sure it's the same guy that just moves around the country.

    As for your outfit: if you've got it, flaunt it honey!

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  2. Melanie: lol! You're probably right about the creepy old guy! There's always one in every pub :) And the problem with my outfit is that I don't quite have it... Photo was taken with old 7.2mp canmera, then saved in extremely low quality, so all my flaws are blurred.

  3. Nice Outfit!!I love ur hand bag and the charm hanging from it! I like ur shirt and the subtle animal print on it, it's different!

  4. If I have great legs like yours, I swear I will wear short skirts all the time :)

  5. Oh hun, that skirt looks great on you and totally love your bag! super cute

    great post

  6. the leopard skirt looks awesome! such a hot outfit on you!

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments! I'm sorry I couldn't reply individually, as I don't have that feature available :(

  8. oh noI don't think that this is trashy at all. I think you look fantastic. I would definitely rock this on a date. I think that you're showing enough skin, but it's not overwhelming :)

  9. Ok, Rin - I love your look! I really do. But I would suggest a longer skirt for a date. You know - guys, how they are, right? so it may worth to leave a little bit more for their imagination! You have a stunning body! So tease them ;) I think this look would be great for a girls night out!
    That's just my honest opinion:) please don't hate me for saying that LOL

  10. i like the outfit but wheeeew girl is that short lol! i feel like if you sigh too hard it will expose ya....super cute look overall though :D get it mama


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