Saturday, October 22, 2011

Have You Ever Had a One Night Tan?

The Model Co One Night Tan is the best wash off tanning product ever!  Relatively inexpensive ($26 AUD for the bigger bottle, comes in a convenient travel size too) and smells delicious.  Not to mention how natural and bronzed your skin looks after application!  For some reason, I could not find it on the Model Co website, so I'm praying that it hasn't been discontinued.  I'm pretty sure that David Jones, Myer and Priceline still have these on their shelves, but to be honest, I haven't really been looking out for it as I have a backup in my cupboard already.

It is a very light-weight mousse that is easily rubbed in to create a gorgeous, natural looking bronze sheen on your skin.  You cannot mess it up!  One application gives you a light, natural brown colour with a touch of shimmer that can only be seen under bright light.  Two coats gives you a deeper colour.  The mousse can easily be layered to create the colour you desire.  Obviously, the more layers, the deeper the bronze glow.  If you apply this with your bare hands, you only need soap and warm water to wash it completely off your palms (I always need to double wash, though).  I prefer to use disposable gloves, because I'm lazy :)

One thing about this tanner is that is does not rub off at all.  I have tried a few other wash off tans and each one remains sticky feeling and ends up rubbing off against things, such as the car seat, bed sheets, clothing.  The Model Co One Night Tan does not come off, even if you sweat a bit, until you wash it off with soap and warm water.  That, and it's gorgeous chocolatey biscuit scent, is what makes me love the product so much.  Just check out how it looks:

My legs with no tanning product on.
Left leg with two coats of mousse.  Right leg bare.  See that gorgeous glow on my left leg?!
Both legs with two coats of mousse.  Very natural looking, is it not?
I like using the One Night Tan on a night out, or sometimes during the daytime in summer if my legs will be bare.  I have keratosis pilaris, which means my legs look rather spotty and bumpy.  When I use the Model Co One Night Tan, it masks my imperfections a little and gives my legs a smoother appearance, a bit like I'm wearing stockings.  Here's a look book image of me wearing the tan on my legs on a night out:

If anyone can confirm for me if this product is still available, that would be great!  I will be so sad if it has been discontinued :(  I have already emailed an enquiry to the company but so far, I have not received a response.  I love this product a lot, and have been using it for over a year now.  I don't want to have to go on a search for another holy grail wash off tan!  So... have you ever had a one night tan?  I think that every girl should have one every time she goes out!


  1. I have also keratosis pilaris. It is rather on my arms and sometimes it gets extremely disgusting. I am exfoliationg and moisturising constantly, but it only relieves a little. Do you use some special products for it or just regluar moisturisers, body washes? Tanning helps to conceal it a lot, you are right about that part.

  2. I love the name of this product and it looks great on your skin. It looks natural. I hope they don't discontinue it.

  3. oooh i didn't even know this product existed! I hope it isn't discontinued as I'm keen to try this for myself :)

  4. Glamorouxx: I don't exfoliate too often because it aggrivates my kp. I do moisturise everyday, though. I use anything that is natural or mostly natural, like coconut oil or the body shop. But nothing has really helped it much :( I just try to stay out of the sun and keep my skin hydrated. Using tretinoin (retinoid) has helped clear it up but because I have it basically all over my body, I can't really afford to keep using it nor do I like the idea of using harsh chemicals all over my body. Looks like I'll be spotty forever. I will be writing a kp post soon :)

  5. ive never tanned my legs but this looks so easy and great. i want to try tanning but im scared id mess up

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