Friday, September 16, 2011

Chanel Peridot: Pretty!

Feast your eyes on this baby!  Peridot Le Vernis, a unique green/gold nail polish colour from the Chanel Fall 2011 Illusions d'Ombres collection (alongside Quartz and Graphite).  In Australia, you pretty much need to sell your first born to obtain this. $39 AUD is the most I've ever paid for polish!  Was it worth it?  Well...

I find that this nail varnish does not streak and even after one coat, it looks opaque.  In the photos I have on two coats, just to make sure that the application was even.  It was so easy to apply.  I always make mistakes with other polishes, but with this one, I did not make one mistake whatsoever.  Weird!  Or ingenuity on Chanel's part?

In my opinion, it is definitely worth the price tag.  You're not going to find a colour that comes as close to this gorgeous mermaid green that looks gold in certain angles.  You know how bright and shiny a green christmas beetle is? That's pretty much what Peridot reminds me of!  It's such a rich, glorious, intense shimmery green/yellow that can look gold at certain angles.  Amazing!

Sadly, it doesn't look very pretty on my hands.  It kind of matches my NC40 skin tone too much.  I put it on today and freaked out about how it looked.  Maybe it's just because I'm not used to solid colours on my fingers, as I pretty much always wear a french manicure?  Hmm.  Whatever it is, I'm sure I can overcome it because it really is so pretty.  Have a look for yourself...

Natural lighting
Lights on indoors
With camera flash
What do you think?  Unique and pretty?  Or just a waste of money?


  1. I think its very unique and pretty :]

  2. it definitely looks pretty!!yes , it is unique n pretty:)

  3. goshhhh i keep trying to convince myself i dont need this but i want it so badly!

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