Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A2LB Haul & Review

A couple of weeks ago I placed my first ever order on the website Addicted 2 Lip Balm.  You can see a list of everything that I ordered right here.  I have had a few weeks to trial some of the products, so I'll be reviewing them today, as well as the A2LB web store.

The website itself is a breeze to browse and find what you're looking for.  Everything is categorised according to type (lip scrubs, organic, lip tints etc) and the main colour theme is pink, my favourite colour!  That in itself isn't a big deal, but I like it.  They offer a loyalty program as well as 10% your first order.  And free shipping for orders over $50!  Shipping was super fast - I made an order at 10pm on a Thursday night and by midday Monday, my package arrived.  This was with standard shipping!

Everything came packaged nicely in pink paper, and groups of products were bubble wrapped to protect it.  A little gift was individually wrapped and included with my pack - Thanks Leah! 

Now onto the products that I have used regularly for the past few weeks... The first one is The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ ($30.95).  It's not an organic product, but it is limited edition so of course I had to have it!  It smells fresh and fruity, and works as a lip scrub should.  However, I find it to be really greasy and rich, when you wash it off you can still feel a film of gunk on your lips.  Ok, it's not gunk, it's supposed to be moisturising but I'm not a fan of petrolatum so I don't like it.  I try to wash it off as best as I can and I will use the product sparingly to avoid that leftover film on my lips.  But like I said, it scrubs well.  It's quite gentle and tastes pleasant.  My lips afterwards are smooth and look red and plump, like I'm wearing a lip stain.  I smoother it with the Kora Organics lip balm afterwards.

This yellow blob is the EOS Smooth Sphere lip balm in Lemon Drop ($6.35).  It smells delicious, it tastes delicious, but it does not feel delicious.  As in, it's not moisturising enough for me.  I kinda feel like I have to rub this on my lips for half an hour to feel like I have something coating my lips.  BUT it does contain SPF and does not make your lips look super shiny, so it's good for the whole family, men included.  Perfect for those who hate feeling like they have something on their lips.  It's a funny little round ball shape, but applies easily just like a regular stick balm.  I will continue to use this, especially as summer is right around the corner, but it sucks that I find myself re-applying this every half an hour just because I can't feel it moisturising my lips.

This is the one I have used the most.  It's the Badger Cocoa Butter lip balm in Lime Rocket ($9.95).  This is not a flavour I tend to choose.  I kinda just picked it to try something different.  And I'm really glad I did, because Lime Rocket smells so zesty and fresh!  I love the scent.  And it tastes nice, too (not that I go around licking my lip balms just to see what they taste like!)  It is a much larger product than your regular stick balms.  It's about double the size, and you have to be a little careful when applying it because it can make you look like you've been making out with a greasy frying pan if you're careless!  I find the larger size a bit of an inconvenience, but I do enjoy this one a lot and use it the most.  Plus the larger size makes it easy to find in my handbag, which is probably why I use it the most, ha!

Cacao Powder Organic lip balm - Chocolate ($5.95).  This one is a little deceiving.  It calls itself chocolate, but to me it has more of a subtle roasted coffee scent and flavour.  I'm not a big fan of coffee.  But it's chocolately and pleasant enough, and it also leaves my lips feeling very moisturised without too much shine.  It's the perfect size too, not too big like the previous one.  It lasts for a while on your lips and the scent actually wafts up occassionally throughout the day, which is a good thing if you like the scent, but a bad thing if it makes you crave for a hot chocolate (like it does for me)!

These four products I have used the most, but I have have also used some others which I will review once I feel I have used it long enough.  If you love lip balms as much as I do, I know you'll be hanging for that post!  Watch out for it in the coming weeks.  As for Addicted 2 Lip Balm, I highly recommend them as they have a huge assortment of lip goodies, great service and fast shipping, plus rewards for customers.  What more could a lip balm junkie want? (Life time supply of lip balm... D'uh, Rin!)

Note: Photos of the individual lip balms are all from the A2LB website, used with permission.  All products mentioned were purchased by me.


  1. Love your review Rin! I really enjoy reading what people like and dislike about different products. Oh and thanks for the kind words mwah ;)

  2. My pleasure :) Oh, but I did forget to mention that my gift was absolutely perfect for me... It was like an old friend picked it out! Chocolate and organic, LOVE :)

  3. The packaging does look very sweet! I need a lip scrub.. this one sounds like a nice one to try!
    p.s. Thank you for your comment hun! yes I am 100% enjoying getting ready for the IMATS! Wish you were there too:) May be next year, do you think? ;)

  4. In terms of imats, if it doesn't fall on a weekend where I've got classes, I will most likely go next year :)

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