Monday, September 19, 2011

NARS Hopelessly Devoted

Feeling totally uninspired to blog.  Today I've had such a tough day, all I really want to do is go to sleep, but I'm not even tired yet.  So I may as well talk about some products I got a few weeks ago, from a NARS gift set purchased from

The NARS Hopelessly Devoted gift set contains a blush/bronzer duo in Deep Throat/Laguna and two mini lip glosses: Orgasm and Crepuscule.  It is limited edition and costs $85 AUD.  It can be purchased online or from the Mecca Maxima store (unless they've sent back their stock - I last spoke to them a few weeks ago so things might have changed).  The reason why I wanted this set was for the blush/bronzer duo.  I already use the Laguna bronzing powder, and had previously swatched Deep Throat blush and wanted to buy it, but never did.  This has the best of both worlds, and is perfect to take out with you for touch ups.

Left - Deep Throat blush; Right - Laguna bronzing powder
From top to bottom: Deep Throat blush applied with a blush brush, Deep throat blush heavy finger swipes, Laguna bronzing powder heavy finger swipes, Laguna bronzing powder applied with a fluffy brush.
The lip glosses are a cute size.  I wouldn't call it mini, exactly.  More like medium.  Agian, ideal to take with you on a night out or perhaps a holiday, if you're lucky!  Orgasm is a popular lip gloss shade, but I prefer the Crepuscule because it suits my NC40 skin tone much better.  NARS lip glosses aren't the best smelling products around, but I think they look nice and feel good on your lips.

Top - Crepuscule lip gloss; Bottom - Orgasm lip gloss
To sum up, I think Deep Throat blush is absolutely gorgeous.  It's quite similar to Orgasm blush, but to me it seems less glittery and suits my skin tone better.  It is my new favourite NARS blush, after purchasing the Hopelessly Devoted set, I went on and purchased the NARS I Will Survive gift set, which contains a full size Deep Throat blush.  I will review that set a little later, and perhaps create a look using the products in both the sets.  Or maybe just provide better swatches :)  Ok, now I'm feeling tired.  Goodnight xo


  1. great post that is an awesome set!

  2. Such a cute set, with great colours.

  3. NARS is my absolute favourite cosmetics brand. I will have to try these out!



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