Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meeting Miranda Kerr

I lined up for about 2 hours on Saturday, 27th August 2011 to get my book signed by the ever so gorgeous Miranda Kerr at the David Jones Bourke Street Mall store.  I said I'd get up early just so I could be one of the first in line, but of course that didn't happen.  I didn't leave for the city until 11am (event started at 12!) and I was pretty much towards the end of the line.  Here's a few snaps of me on the way:

Just a tad excited!
My 3yr old boy doesn't know what we're doing or why mummy is acting like child with ADHD.

My outfit for the day was soft pink themed.  I wore my pastel pink off the shoulder Guess knit tee and carried a pink Bvlgari handbag.  I didn't want to wear high heels because I knew I would be standing for a long time, so I opted for a very low pair of cream shiny pumps from Aldo (if I had a soft pink pair, believe me, I would've worn it!)  My jeans were a dark wash pair of skinnies by Gripp and I had to wear sunnies (brown Tom Fords) because my eyes were really red (turned out I had a minor case of conjunctivitis... ewwwww)!

Love the dirty mirror!  That's what happens when you have kids who brush their teeth and spit everywhere but into the sink.
I took a video of Miranda as she came out during her second appearance.  You can view the video at my beauty channel on YouTube or my personal channel.  They are of the same thing but from different angles.  (Beauty channel vid= a bit cut off in the beginning, quite shaky towards the end because my arm got tired and filmed from the side.  Personal channel vid= full video filmed front on but also quite shaky, a lot of talking can be heard in the background and a whinging child bumping the cameraman every now and then).

Now, on to actually meeting Miranda.  As I was walking up I nearly tripped because I didn't realise that there was a slight incline to the stage (how classy!) and as soon as I was there in front of her, she confirmed that I was Rin and silly me, in the heat of the moment I end up striking a conversation with her and forget to turn around for my photo.  D'oh! 

I actually asked her a very personal question that normal people don't go around blurting to one of their idols.  I asked her if she was still breastfeeding her son.  She is so sweet, she actually smiled and nodded and said that she was.  So while she was signing my book, I was telling her that I had breastfed both my sons for over two years each (to which she raised her eyebrows and said "wow, good on you!") and then harped on about something or other to do with breastfeeding.  She actually agreed with me that breastfeeding is such a natural and beautiful thing to do.  She said "what is up with that?!" in regards to some people not choosing to breastfeed or stopping after a very short while.  Anyway, I can't remember the conversation fully as it's hard to concentrate when a beautiful woman is looking you in the (red) eye and talking about how beautiful breastfeeding is!  So on to the pics:

Dazed and confused after talking to Miranda!
I was going to include some photos of her outfit sourced from other sites, but I think I will do that in a different post because I don't want this to be too long.  But let me just say, the shoes that Miranda was wearing... O. M. G!  To die for!  In fact, her whole outfit was so simple yet chic and classy.  I asked David Jones on their facebook page what shoes she was wearing and they told me they were Jimmy Choo and available in DJ now.  If you want to see what it looks like, read this article.  But be warned... you WILL fall in love!!

So, the rumours are true... Miranda Kerr truly IS a sweetheart!  Check out her newly revamped KORA Organics line here.  (Post on KORA Organics coming up!)


  1. Your son is such a cutie!

    You're so lucky to have your book signed by Miranda!

  2. Aww thank you! And yep... gonna cherish my book forever!

  3. I adore Miranda, even more so because she's a great role model/advocate for breastfeeding :)

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