Thursday, September 22, 2011

Discovering An Old Love Agian

Years back, I used to shop at Forever New.  It was my all time favourite store, because most of their clothing was feminine and pretty (totally my style)!  Their prices weren't too bad and the quality was reasonable.  Although, not all pieces are made equal.  Be weary of items made of cotton knit, it can lose its shape in the wash.  However, I've had tops from several years ago that I still have to this day, and wear regularly.  So always follow the washing instructions!

I don't know why I stopped going.  Perhaps I felt I was getting too old for it?  Or maybe I just moved on...  Well, today I was in Chadstone and was walking past the Forever New store and though, "eh, why not".  So I go in, and try on some tops...

$69.95 - Love the way the shirt drapes my body.  It's a bit longer at the back and a little sheer.  Gorgeous pattern!  One of my favourite items of clothing are shirts. 

$29.95 - This is actually a lot more gold in person, and is mega sparkly!  The back has two straps that connect from the front and join in the middle... it looks interesting and makes an otherwise simple singlet quite remarkable!

$29.95 - I love the way this drapes over my body and hides my beer belly.  The flower pattern make the plain singlet more feminine and interesting.
Yes, I took photos in the changing rooms!  Very sneaky of me, but honestly, I took them so I could look back at them and see if I wanted to buy the item or not.  And right now, after having had a look at the snaps, I've decided that I do want to buy these tops!  The last two are really inexpensive and perfect for the hotter months.  This year I've really been into browns and neutrals, and all these tops satisfy that criteria.  I can totally see myself wearing the first top with a pair of denim shorts or a skirt and some tan platform heels or wedges.  The second top, although you can't really see it in the photo, is actually very sparkly, has an interesting back and is a great casual yet blingy style for nights out pub or club hopping.  And the last one is just cute for day time.  It's a racer back and would go well with anything.  Perfect for shopping!

So, I suppose this post is really just a preemptive haul.  I plan on getting those tops soon, maybe tomorrow!  What do you think?  My photos don't do them justice... in person they are a lot more cute and deeper in colour.  If you work at Forever New somewhere in Melbourne, hold these tops for me in a size 8 please!


  1. I love it specially the animal print super Chic .. great selections... I might have to stop on and check my local F21

  2. I love finding places that I used to love and I can go back to. It's the best ever. The tops look awesome on you! I take pictures in the dressing room too if it's an outfit I'm still indecisive about. It's a great way to think about it. :)

  3. Forever New is an Australian store! It's completely different to Forever 21... But they do have a website, :)

    Hehe, I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that! I'm sure the sales girl is wondering why I'm taking so long in there 0_0

  4. ooo yea the flower print is so intricate and detailed <3.!

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